The actual version of a well-known story, which hardly anyone knows

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The (actual) narration

Once upon a time, in a small village near a forest, there lived a girl. She had everything she needed: a family with father and mother, a small house, a bed, clothes and enough to eat. Her life could not have been more normal: She studied diligently in her village school what girls of that time were taught, met friends, helped her family in the fields and even fell in love with a boy; Friedrich was his name and was the son of the only hunter in the village. And he was to follow in his footsteps.

Only one peculiarity about her, which deviated from the norm, was her name. What her name was before the name change is no longer known. What is known, however, is that two to three years before her "big change" she had been given a red full-body dress with a hood on a birthday. From that day on, she wore the dress almost every day. And at some point, it is said to have happened a few weeks after her birthday, she had renamed herself Little Red Riding Hood and not the village, as it was told in most books and partly still is to this day.

In itself, Little Red Riding Hood's life could have continued normally until that fateful day. This time Little Red Riding Hood did not have to help out in the fields and the village school had given each pupil a few days off. But Little Red Riding Hood was still supposed to use her free time wisely, at least from her parents' point of view. So Little Red Riding Hood's mother prepared a basket, which was filled with cakes, wine and a book. The plan was for Little Red Riding Hood to go to her grandmother, bring her the basket and spend some time with her. After all, Little Red Riding Hood had not seen her for a long time, they said.

So Little Red Riding Hood set off to visit her grandmother. However, there was to be a problem with the whole situation. The grandmother's house was in the middle of the adjacent forest and Little Red Riding Hood herself had not been there for a long time. Accordingly, Little Red Riding Hood no longer knew the exact way to her grandmother's house. However, Little Red Riding Hood had not asked her parents. It might have been because Little Red Riding Hood had a good relationship with her parents at the time, but she didn't talk to them much because she didn't know when the time was right for her to do so, as they worked very long and hard and were therefore too exhausted. Nevertheless, Little Red Riding Hood went into the forest in the hope that she would find her grandmother's house on her own.

But unfortunately this was not the case. According to reports, Little Red Riding Hood walked for over an hour in the forest, without orientation. Little Red Riding Hood had lost her way and no longer knew where exactly she was in the forest, nor how to get out of it. Little Red Riding Hood was desperate and sat down crying under a tree, thinking that she would not be able to get out of the forest any time soon. And even if she did, it would be in a wrong place and not at her home village.

After some time, Little Red Riding Hood heard a loud cracking sound - a branch lying on the forest floor had been broken through; so someone was near her. Full of hope, Little Red Riding Hood got up to ask the person where her grandmother's house was, or at least the way out to her home village. But when Little Red Riding Hood moved around the tree to greet the stranger, she froze in fear.

For in front of Little Red Riding Hood stood not a human, but a werewolf. But actually this could not be possible, because Little Red Riding Hood had learned in the village school that these creatures were completely wiped out years ago, perhaps even before Little Red Riding Hood was born. But more about that later.

Since Little Red Riding Hood had not been taught anything about werewolf behaviour and thus did not know how to behave in front of them, she stood rooted to the spot, eyes wide open, not moving and breathing heavily - fear was strongly etched on her face.

The werewolf immediately recognized Little Red Riding Hood's fear and assured her that he did not want to eat her, let alone tear her to pieces. Little Red Riding Hood's breathing calmed down, but she remained stiff as a board, her thin limbs still tense. So the werewolf tried to talk to Little Red Riding Hood and asked her why she had been crying earlier. Initially, Little Red Riding Hood said that she had not been crying and that the werewolf had probably imagined it, but he told her that he had heard it very well because he had a better sense of hearing than humans and that there were already dried tears on her cheeks. After the werewolf's remark, Little Red Riding Hood wiped the tears from her face with her hand. Only then did Little Red Riding Hood tell why she had been crying. She had got lost, she said. But all she really wanted was to go to her grandmother. The werewolf then told Little Red Riding Hood that he knew where her grandmother was and described the way to her. Little Red Riding Hood was very grateful to the werewolf; the colour of her face changed from pale white to a light red. Little Red Riding Hood then reached for the basket and was about to go on when the werewolf asked her why she wanted to go to her grandmother. She didn't really want to go to her grandmother's, Little Red Riding Hood had said something like that, it had been her parents' idea. Little Red Riding Hood actually wanted to do something with Friedrich that day. She wouldn't have cared what, the main thing was that Little Red Riding Hood could be with him.

Little Red Riding Hood apologized to the werewolf because she was in a hurry and had to go to her grandmother. The werewolf respected Little Red Riding Hood's intention and let her walk past him. Just before Little Red Riding Hood finally disappeared behind the trees of the forest, the werewolf called after her, asking her what her name was. The girl replied that her name was Little Red Riding Hood.

When Little Red Riding Hood was no longer visible to the werewolf, he exhaled heavily. The first phase of the plan was initiated. Or to put it another way: what the werewolf wanted to achieve at the beginning had worked. Not that the werewolf had lied to Little Red Riding Hood. The way the werewolf had described to Little Red Riding Hood to her grandmother was basically correct, but it was a clear diversion. But the werewolf knew the shorter route and would use it to get to her grandmother's house before Little Red Riding Hood.

No sooner said than done. It had taken less than a quarter of an hour for the werewolf to reach the house. The werewolf knocked on the front door and the grandmother asked in a broken voice for the guest to enter. Again: no sooner said than done.

The werewolf entered the house in the hallway and made his way with careful, slow steps to the living room. Once there, the werewolf recognized a door that stood wide open. Behind the door frame, the werewolf could see another room, which served as the grandmother's bedroom. And there the werewolf saw a bed on which Little Red Riding Hood's grandmother was lying.

Again the werewolf continued his careful, slow walk, this time directed towards the bedroom. While the werewolf was doing this, the grandmother's head rose from the bed, her eyes fixed directly on the werewolf. Fear spread through the grandmother. The grandmother said in a stern, but also trembling, fearful voice that the werewolf should kindly disappear and stay away from the grandmother. But the werewolf did not listen to the grandmother's advice and went on its way. The further the werewolf went towards the grandmother, the more frightened the grandmother became. Once again, the grandmother tried to show her toughness to the werewolf, but completely unimpressed, the werewolf continued to walk towards the bed. Suddenly the grandmother closed her eyes and began to pray that the Lord would forgive the sins committed on earth and that heaven was a better place than hell.

But when the werewolf reached one of the sides of the bed, the werewolf did something the grandmother would not have expected. The werewolf told the grandmother that she could save herself the trouble of praying because he had no intention of tearing her to pieces or eating her. The grandmother cautiously opened her eyes, and they slowly moved over to the werewolf because of fear. The werewolf then said that he did not want to harm the grandmother in any way, but wanted to help her. The werewolf reached into his stomach area with his right hand and untied a knot there, which he had made from his own fur. In his hand the werewolf held a small bottle with a transparent, slightly yellowish liquid. The werewolf then said to the grandmother that he would like to explain everything to her. Despite her limited view of the world, the grandmother nevertheless listened to the werewolf.

Back to Little Red Riding Hood; the real main character of this story. Little Red Riding Hood had been walking through the forest for some time. Little Red Riding Hood had always followed the werewolf's instructions on how to reach her grandmother's house. But Little Red Riding Hood had been walking the path for half an hour; she was beginning to think that the werewolf had tricked her and led her down the wrong path. Little Red Riding Hood almost gave up. But then it happened. Little Red Riding Hood finally saw her grandmother's house. So the werewolf was right, Little Red Riding Hood must have thought at the time. Thus, for Little Red Riding Hood, the werewolf did not correspond to what she had been taught about werewolves in the village school. Even though Little Red Riding Hood actually wanted to do something with Friedrich that day and not be with her grandmother, she nevertheless went towards the house and opened its front door.

Once in the hallway, Little Red Riding Hood took off her shoes, just as she had done with her parents. Little Red Riding Hood's parents were determined to teach her the most important manners; and for her father and mother, it had paid off.

Little Red Riding Hood walked down the hall and entered the living room. When Little Red Riding Hood wanted to go into her grandmother's bedchamber, her blood froze in her veins. There was also a werewolf there, but it was smaller than the one Little Red Riding Hood had seen in the forest, and it was also female. Little Red Riding Hood turned to leave the house, but the doorway leading into the hallway was blocked. It was blocked by the werewolf that Little Red Riding Hood had met less than an hour ago.

Little Red Riding Hood stiffened again and looked at the werewolf with nervous, shaky breath. Little Red Riding Hood need not be afraid again, the werewolf assured her; a déjà vu, since she had already heard this sentence from him at their first encounter. Little Red Riding Hood exhaled deeply. Then Little Red Riding Hood wanted to know who the female werewolf was. After all, the werewolf had said nothing at all to Little Red Riding Hood about his companion. And she also wanted to know where Little Red Riding Hood's grandmother was. The werewolf then looked over at the female werewolf. The female werewolf left the sleeping chamber of the real grandmother and went towards Little Red Riding Hood. The female werewolf then stopped in front of Little Red Riding Hood and asked her to her face if she really did not recognize it. Little Red Riding Hood denied this question, whereupon the female werewolf said that she herself was the grandmother.

Startled by this fact, Little Red Riding Hood took a step back from the female werewolf. At first, Little Red Riding Hood did not want to believe the female werewolf. But when Little Red Riding Hood looked at the female werewolf's body, she noticed what she had overlooked in all her haste, that there were small pieces of cloth hanging from her legs, or more precisely from her fur. These came from the dress that the grandmother always put on when she was expecting special visitors. The grandmother had been doing this since Little Red Riding Hood was born. Today Little Red Riding Hood was to appear, so the grandmother had made herself beautiful with her dress. And the female werewolf who was still standing in front of Little Red Riding Hood was her grandmother. Little Red Riding Hood believed the female werewolf.

Little Red Riding Hood wanted to know why her grandmother had turned into a werewolf and asked her about it. However, the grandmother replied to Little Red Riding Hood by telling her that she would soon understand. Little Red Riding Hood did not understand and asked her grandmother what this meant. Little Red Riding Hood was inquisitive and wanted to know this secret at all costs. But it was not to come to that for the time being.

The werewolf, who was still behind Little Red Riding Hood, put his hand on her shoulder. Instinctively, she turned to face the werewolf. The werewolf then grabbed Little Red Riding Hood by her cheeks on the face and her mouth opened compulsively. This also meant that it was impossible for Little Red Riding Hood to close her mouth. Little Red Riding Hood wriggled and beat the werewolf's arm with her hands, hoping to free herself from his grip; to no avail until the end.

In his other hand, the werewolf held a small, open vial filled with a slightly yellowish, transparent liquid. However, the vial itself was only about two thirds full. Little Red Riding Hood was frightened, as she knew roughly what was in store for her. Hastily, our Little Red Riding Hood wriggled and continued to try to free herself from the werewolf's clutches. But try as she might, fate was not on her side.

The werewolf guided the vial to Little Red Riding Hood's open mouth. Once there, the werewolf tipped a little of the liquid into Little Red Riding Hood's mouth and without her being able to do anything about it, it flowed down her throat without the slightest resistance.

The werewolf let go of Little Red Riding Hood, and she fell sideways onto the floor. Little Red Riding Hood just managed to catch herself with her arms. Little Red Riding Hood coughed jerkily and very intensely. Little Red Riding Hood even briefly had the feeling, they say, that she would vomit, but she did not. Little Red Riding Hood was still frightened, but nevertheless looked up at her grandmother and asked her why she had done this to her and what was in the bottle. Again, the grandmother answered with the cryptic sentence that Little Red Riding Hood would soon understand. Little Red Riding Hood still did not understand this phrase at the time and asked again what it was all about. But before Little Red Riding Hood, or anyone else for that matter, could speak any further, it was already happening: the great change.

To this day, it is not possible to recite Little Red Riding Hood's change exactly chronologically. The most I can convey in this text is what might have happened approximately. That is why the descriptions here should be taken with a grain of salt.

Little Red Riding Hood felt very hot inside herself. One could already think that a fire was spreading in her innards. Her back, or more precisely her spine, began to crack and lengthen; with it, her actual body also grew in height. Our Little Red Riding Hood could not stand the pain and cried out loudly several times in agony. Moreover, she even began to cry. As she continued to grow, her rib bones additionally cracked and these changed their anatomical arrangement - supposedly they even dug through into the flesh, which would at least confirm Little Red Riding Hood's terrible agony in additional intensity. She was sweating almost incessantly all over her body. The limbs, which were actually thin on Little Red Riding Hood, gained additional girth and, moreover, lengthened. Of course, this continued at the expense of bone lengthening, for which the human body was not designed in this short time. As Little Red Riding Hood had gained more height, this also had an effect on her clothes. Her dress, which actually came to the level of her knees, now protruded above her hips. Conversely, this also meant that one could catch a glimpse of Little Red Riding Hood's underwear. A moment of silence followed. Briefly, she thought that the suffering had finally come to an end. And even though she had already deformed greatly on the outside, her "great change" was just beginning. Her feet became abnormally longer, the tips of her toes straightened upwards, her socks tore. When the bare skin of her feet was revealed, pads formed below the toes, similar to those found on dogs or dog-like animals. The hands were not to be spared the pads either - there they formed on the fingers and the front area of the palms. The upper and lower jaws of Little Red Riding Hood's face became longer. The nose flattened out towards the front and took on a similar rough pattern as the pads on the feet and hands. The ears became more pointed and pulled back. The colour of Red Riding Hood's eyes changed from brown to yellow. Her incisors and canines became pointed, like a knife. The tail bone, which no longer had any use in humans, also lengthened and bored through the flesh. When this reached the top layer of skin, it began to bulge outwards above Little Red Riding Hood's buttocks at a breathtaking speed; a tail was formed. At first, it was so small that it was still hidden in Little Red Riding Hood's pants. But because her tail was constantly growing, at some point it stuck out of one of the sides of her panties, where it was also not supposed to stop growing. But at some point, it did: namely at the top of her knees. When this was achieved, the final step of the big change happened. Like many other girls, Little Red Riding Hood had hair on her pubic area. Not really worth mentioning until the hair growth left her pubic area and spread like water about to flood land. At first, her pubic area was completely overgrown (of course). This was followed by her buttocks and tail, then her belly, chest area, back, legs, feet, face, arms, hands. Last but not least, the human hair growing on her head detached itself from its roots and a large part of it fell to the ground.

That was it for Little Red Riding Hood. The great change was complete and the fate of this girl was sealed. But Little Red Riding Hood knew nothing of this. At that time, she had completely different problems. Like the physical and psychological pain she had to endure only a few moments ago. Although it subsided after a while, she was still lying on the floor, her new coat bathed in sweat; Little Red Riding Hood had simply not had the strength to get up.

The grandmother bent down to Little Red Riding Hood and gently stroked her fur. Little Red Riding Hood then swung her arm away from her grandmother and, crawling on the floor, moved quickly towards the nearest wall, where she leaned her back against it. Fear was written in Little Red Riding Hood's eyes, as wide as they were open. Not a single sound came out of Little Red Riding Hood's mouth, possibly because she didn't know what to say. So Little Red Riding Hood's grandmother did and told her not to be afraid. After all, the grandmother had gone through exactly the same thing as Little Red Riding Hood. When the grandmother had finished her story, there was an uncomfortable silence again. Nothing could be heard except the birds of the forest, the creaking of the wooden floorboards on the floor and the breathing of the werewolf, the grandmother and Little Red Riding Hood through their noses. At some point, Little Red Riding Hood broke the silence and asked a question that consisted of only one word: a simple why. The grandmother was just opening her mouth to let Little Red Riding Hood in on the secret when the werewolf suddenly asked everyone to be quiet because he had heard someone moving towards the house. The werewolf then said in a calm, serious and at the same time fearful tone that everyone in the room would have to make a run for it through the window in the bedchamber if they did not want to be killed by a human. The werewolf was already starting to move, while the grandmother asked Little Red Riding Hood to take her hand to help her get up. Little Red Riding Hood, however, was already under such pressure because of the events that had taken place a few minutes before, that after a moment's thought she immediately nodded off. Little Red Riding Hood was already at the end of her tether and needed something, or rather someone to look up to, who could also help her. So Little Red Riding Hood took her grandmother's hand, she helped her up and both literally walked hand in hand - Little Red Riding Hood was behind her grandmother the whole time - to the now open window in the bedchamber, from which they entered the freedom of their species: nature.

All three werewolves were thus united. The werewolves ducked behind the bushes to avoid being discovered by the intruder. The werewolves tried to circle the house until the intruder moved into the house so that they could run away undisturbed; at least that had been the werewolf's plan. And initially, the simple but at the same time clever plan worked. At least until the intruder, or human, came so close to the house that he could not only be heard but also seen. For the grandmother and the werewolf, this was not worth mentioning because they did not recognize this human. But when Little Red Riding Hood dared to stop for a moment and look through the bushes, she was inwardly frightened, and her heart beat loudly when she looked into the face of the human: it was Friedrich! When Little Red Riding Hood asked herself what Friedrich was doing here at her grandmother's house, he answered the question himself by calling out to her. So Friedrich had been trying to follow Little Red Riding Hood all this time, and she hadn't even noticed. A possible sign that Friedrich loved Little Red Riding Hood very much. And, as I said earlier, Little Red Riding Hood also loved Friedrich very much. When Friedrich entered the house, Little Red Riding Hood suddenly heard very hectic, quick, energetic footsteps, which must have come from two people. It was the werewolf and the grandmother, who kept to the plan and carried out their last stage. Only Little Red Riding Hood continued to lie rooted to the spot. Suddenly Little Red Riding Hood was torn apart inside. For on the one hand, Little Red Riding Hood could have continued to follow the plan and disappeared into the depths of the forest together with the werewolf and her grandmother. That way nothing would have happened to the werewolves. In return, however, Little Red Riding Hood would have given up the old life and with it Friedrich, and possibly never have seen him again. On the other hand, Little Red Riding Hood really loved Friedrich very much and Friedrich also loved Little Red Riding Hood, as she had just seen. Little Red Riding Hood did not want to give up this love. In the end, Little Red Riding Hood decided not to stick to the plan and to return to the house, for which I am very grateful to her.

So Little Red Riding Hood made her way back to her grandmother's house, or more precisely its front door. The werewolf and the grandmother heard this, of course, and thought to themselves what had got into Little Red Riding Hood that she had moved back to the house and thus to the intruder. Both gestured to Little Red Riding Hood to stay away from the intruder. Little Red Riding Hood heard this, of course, but she did not listen to them, and before you knew it, she was standing in front of the closed front door; Friedrich had done this because otherwise he would always have been beaten by his father at home if he had not always closed the door. Little Red Riding Hood knocked on the door. From inside the house, as expected, Little Red Riding Hood heard footsteps moving towards the door. When the footsteps stopped ringing, Friedrich sounded from behind the door, asking who was outside. Little Red Riding Hood answered that it was herself. The door opened to reveal Friedrich. Normally Little Red Riding Hood had been about a head shorter than Friedrich. But now, after Little Red Riding Hood had undergone the big change, she was now almost two heads taller than Friedrich. According to today's measurements, that would correspond to almost two metres.

Naturally, Friedrich was frightened by this sight. Even more, Friedrich had been taught that werewolves were all exterminated. And yet there was now one standing in front of Friedrich. Frightened by the sight, Friedrich now clutched his hunting rifle with both hands and aimed directly at this monstrous figure. Friedrich was about to pull the trigger when he asked what the female werewolf had done to Little Red Riding Hood. Finally, Friedrich had recognized Little Red Riding Hood's voice. The female werewolf then told Friedrich that she herself was Little Red Riding Hood - at which the female werewolf spoke in exactly the same pitch and voice with which Little Red Riding Hood spoke. Friedrich became uncertain and did not know whether he should kill the animal - was it even an animal? - should he kill it or not. So Friedrich asked the female werewolf to describe an event that only he and Little Red Riding Hood knew about. And so the female werewolf did. The female werewolf then told Friedrich that when he was seven years old, he was naked for several hours in winter in a barn with a flock of sheep. Little Red Riding Hood had caught Friedrich while he was cuddling close to two sheep so as not to freeze to death himself. The next day, it was at the village school to be exact, Little Red Riding Hood confronted Friedrich during a small interruption. Friedrich responded by saying that every living creature is treated like an animal, except for humans. He considers himself to be something special, which absolutely has to distinguish itself from the animal world. But for Friedrich himself, man was an animal, just like any other living creature. So that's why Friedrich went into the barn, to detach himself from the human world for a moment and to be a part of the animal world for a moment. And Friedrich had taken off his clothes for this reason, so that he would feel completely animal and not continue to be blinded by human achievements. Friedrich then asked Little Red Riding Hood to please keep this secret to himself, otherwise he would be afraid of being beaten up by his own father. And Little Red Riding Hood kept this secret until that fateful day.

Friedrich lowered his hunting rifle and at the same time Little Red Riding Hood knelt down. Little Red Riding Hood held out her hand to Friedrich. Friedrich cautiously stretched out his arm to the large hand covered with hair and pads and implemented with long claws. When, after what felt like an eternity, Friedrich placed his hand on Little Red Riding Hood's, she slowly guided the now closed hand towards her. Friedrich got scared, but he trusted the female werewolf - or Little Red Riding Hood; he still wasn't sure what he was supposed to believe. Little Red Riding Hood, however, led Friedrich's hand to her breast and placed it where her heart was. Little Red Riding Hood then pressed Friedrich's hand even more firmly into her own fur so that she could really make sure that he could really feel her heartbeat. The heart beat very fast, a sign that Little Red Riding Hood loved Friedrich very much. They both remained in this position for a while until Little Red Riding Hood clasped her second arm around Friedrich and then embraced him with both arms. Friedrich's head leaned on the bulge in Little Red Riding Hood's chest area, while her head rested on Friedrich's. Both had closed their eyes and inwardly wished that this moment should never end. Tears ran down Friedrich's cheeks.

The realisation

In the meantime, several hours have passed. The sun, which only a few hours ago indicated the afternoon, was now at the point where it was already playing an orange-red light game. The clouds also gave in to this new colour spectrum and turned reddish. And our four protagonists were still in the forest. They were the werewolf, Little Red Riding Hood's grandmother, Little Red Riding Hood herself and Friedrich, who was now also a werewolf - there was still some liquid left, and he had decided to drink it himself. The werewolf and the grandmother held each other lying down and hugging each other while they looked up into the sky together and told each other their life stories - after all, they both looked back on a very long life. Little Red Riding Hood sat together with Friedrich, a little apart from her grandmother and the werewolf. Friedrich had previously told Little Red Riding Hood that he did not want to talk to her for the time being, as he needed to think about the whole thing that had happened on that fateful day. Little Red Riding Hood broke the silence and asked Friedrich what was wrong with him. Friedrich turned his head to look at Little Red Riding Hood; there was a literal sadness written in his eyes. Friedrich did not know whether this decision, which he had actually made for himself, was the right one. On the one hand, Friedrich had given up his old life to be with the love of his life. But on the other hand, Friedrich still had additional friendships and future duties to take care of in the village - we remember, he was supposed to follow in the footsteps of his father, who worked as a hunter. But if this had come first for Friedrich, Friedrich would have mourned his Little Red Riding Hood and possibly killed himself out of love sickness. Little Red Riding Hood then said that Friedrich must remember how he had hated his father. After all, the father had beaten his own child in various ways when Friedrich did not do what his father asked of him. Besides, Friedrich's father had always talked about him having to follow in his footsteps as a hunter, because of tradition - loosely based on the motto, "That's the way it was and that's the way it will always be". And Friedrich didn't want that; not only because of his hatred for his father, but also because of his love for animals. After all, Friedrich wanted to be as close to animals as possible, since he described himself as one. Friedrich then agreed with Little Red Riding Hood, and she clasped his left hand with her right hand. Both then looked into each other's eyes and Little Red Riding Hood kissed her Friedrich on the "mouth".

Suddenly a female voice sounded next to Little Red Riding Hood and Friedrich. This voice said that it was finally done. Little Red Riding Hood and Friedrich were frightened and moved a few steps away from the voice. Without realizing it, Friedrich had placed himself in front of Little Red Riding Hood, as his new animal instincts led him to protect the "weakest" member of the pack. A growl spread across Friedrich's jaws to frighten the intruder. But in vain: the woman, who was hiding behind the dark shadows of the trees, remained rooted to the spot without any fear. Friedrich then tried to tell the woman to run away immediately or else she would be eaten. The werewolf then came to the lovers and asked Friedrich in a very serious tone to stop this behaviour towards the person immediately. Despite the warning, Friedrich kept his eyes fixed on the woman. The werewolf then added that he knew this woman. Distrust spread through Friedrich and his eyes now looked questionably at the werewolf. But before Friedrich could do anything else, the woman started to move and emerged from the shadows of the forest.

The woman's body, at least when reduced only to its surface, was not made of human flesh, but of pure wood. On her head, where the hair should be, there was nothing but a long, thick branch growing upwards. And beyond that, she wore no clothes - nothing special really, but I mention it anyway for the sake of completeness. Anyway, the werewolf then asked the woman what she was doing here. Little Red Riding Hood asked the werewolf why he knew her. But before the werewolf could speak, the woman intervened and asked Little Red Riding Hood if the werewolf had not told her. Distrust spread again, only this time not only among Friedrich, but also among Little Red Riding Hood herself and her grandmother. All eyes were now on the werewolf, who almost sank into the ground with fear, remorse and shame. Then the woman said that she would tell the whole story. The humans actually had a great triumph to celebrate. A long, evenly matched and bestially driven opponent had finally been defeated: the werewolf. After over several centuries of bloodthirsty slaughter on both sides, humans had finally managed to put an end to the most menacing of their opponents forever. At least that's what they thought. For while humans celebrated this victory by gorging themselves on beer and vegetables ad nauseam, there was still one survivor of this oh-so-extinct species. In human years, this werewolf was only seven years old when he learned that he was alone. And that was not to change for the werewolf in the years to come. The werewolf was on his own for most of his life, had no one to talk to and stayed away from humans out of fear, as he was very afraid of them, lest he perish as happened to his former family. The years went by, and the werewolf grew older and older. And since there was no one left for the werewolf to mate with, he thought for the rest of his life that he would perish miserably. Until that fateful day. Unsuspecting, the werewolf was making his rounds in the forest, which he never left until the end of his life, looking for food, when suddenly the woman who was now standing in front of Little Red Riding Hood, Friedrich and the grandmother appeared and stood in front of him. The werewolf was naturally afraid of people - and also of human appearances - and instinctively ran away from her. Suddenly, a huge wall of earth stood up in front of the werewolf and blocked his way. Startled by this fact, the werewolf turned around and looked this strangely built woman directly in her eyes. The woman assured the werewolf that he had nothing to fear and that she would not harm him. The werewolf then asked who this woman was. The woman replied that she was Mother Nature and had heard his inner cries for help. The werewolf pretended not to understand what "Mother Nature" meant, if he wanted to believe that name, but when she told him all the suffering he had to fight with all his life, he was shocked and did not say another word. Mother Nature wanted to help the werewolf in this matter and raised one of her hands, in which there was a small bottle. It was filled with the same liquid that turned Little Red Riding Hood into one of the werewolf's equals. Mother Nature then told the werewolf to wait for a girl in a red robe. When the werewolf meets this girl, he should lure her on a false trail so that he has extra time to have his first brood transformed. When the girl then reaches the house, the werewolf should also administer this liquid to her in order to secure his second brood.

Little Red Riding Hood, Friedrich and the grandmother looked at the werewolf with suspicious glances and open mouths. But before anyone could say anything, Mother Nature spoke that although she had not taken it into account that our Friedrich had turned up and voluntarily decided to be turned into a werewolf, it was better to have a second, male werewolf along for the ride. All eyes were again on Mother Nature. Mother Nature's last words were supposed to be from a manifesto of the humans, which read, "Be fruitful and multiply". Mother Nature then disappeared into the darkness of the forest, leaving behind the four key people, the werewolf, the grandmother, Friedrich and Little Red Riding Hood. And with that, their decisive journey had been initiated. The night when the last werewolves joined together and their own species blossomed into new life.

The Epilogue

These events I have described took place hundreds of years ago. The werewolf, the grandmother, Friedrich and Little Red Riding Hood are no longer with us. At least, if we reduce ourselves only to outward appearances. But in our hearts and minds they live on; as legends. For they were the ones who breathed new life into an almost extinct species. Thousands more werewolves have seen the light of day thanks to the four legends. And among these werewolves I count, as a proven successor, who sprang from the elixir of life of Friedrich and Little Red Riding Hood. I am one of thousands of subsequent children who were saved from extinction. And I have been given the task by the highest council to document as best I can the storyline of my Little Red Riding Hood and to bring it to the public, as the remaining information from the people was very crumbling. And I finally did it. The almost seven years have paid off. Because in this time I have gathered all the important information, both from us werewolves and from humans, and will now finally open the eyes of the ignorant world.

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