Winter Transformation

Written by CreativeCabin | Published at the 02.03.2021 | MtF | 0 3113

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So yeah, I never expected this to happen...

So, I was at a skilodge with three of my good mates. We were supposed to be there for a week or two, a men's week through and through, a sausage-fest. 
The first few days went as you would expect. We would explore the mountains and go skiing by day, and get hammered and drink booze all night. All in all great fun.

Now, three days in, my three mates woke up way before me. They decided that it would be fun to go skiing before I got up, as well as hiding my skis and my winter clothes in the woods. Awesome prank (not really). Anyway, I woke up, when they had already left, and I was freezing my ass off (I couldn't make the heating work for some reason). It took me some time, but I figured out what had happened, and I decided to venture out to find my mates, so I could get my stuff back. It was of course even colder outside, so I searched for some replacement for my winter clothes. Long story short, the only thing I could find was this silly full-body teddybear-suit. I put on the suit and thought nothing of it, as i ventured out in the snow.

I must have wandered for about an hour before I noticed something was off. This... tingling sensation had begun to spread around my body. Lightly at first, almost not noticable, but by now I could feel all over my body. Everything felt weird, not in a bad way, but something was off. That was when I noticed my now long hair growing on my head and out of the teddybear hood. I felt wet between my legs, where my penis used to be, and I found myself squeezing my new large breasts together. As the tingling went away, I felt wonderful.

It was at this point that my three mates found me.

To this day neither I nor my friends know why the Teddybear-suit transformed me, but I am not complaining.

Lets just say that the rest of the trip wasn't a saugage fest no more... Well, for me it still was ;)

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