Your Friend (Mini-Story)

Written by LaylaTF | Published at the 10.04.2020 | MtF | 0 6028

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You stand at the door of your friend Kyle and ring the bell. Half an hour ago he texted you something you couldn't believe. You thought he wanted to prank you, but as he video called you and you asked him some questions only he could answer and he answered all right, it must be true. Your heart beats as the door opens and a girl in your age stands in front of you. She has long blonde hair, blue eyes a beautiful smile, wears a grey top, tight blue jeans and white socks. Overall she looks very gorgeous.

“Hey…“ she says shyly “Soo... do you want to come in?“.
You can‘t say a word. You follow her into the house, and she leads you into the living room. She sits down on the couch and gives you a sign to sit down to. You couldnt get your eyes off her in disbelieve.
“How... How is this possible?“ Is the first thing you ask her.
“I don't know... I walked through the park earlier and, for whatever reason, a girl jumped at me, gave me a kiss and ran away. I was very confused. Seconds later it became even weirder. I felt this tingle over my body as I began to change. I could watch my body and cloths transforming into what you see now.“ She shows at her body.
“What the hell...“ you answer completely puzzled “How do you feel Kyle?“ you ask.
“Actually... I would prefer you to call me Kylie from now on“ she shyly scratches her neck with her right hand “I don't know why, but it just feels better in this body“ She looks at you.
Okay... Kylie“ you say a bit bewildered “How do you feel? Is there any way I can help you.“
“I know it sounds weird but it's actually kinda nice to be a girl. I don‘t know... I wouldnt have imagined to that before, but this body feels good and right... In some way. I never was a good-looking guy, but now as a girl... Now I look beautiful! And also having your own boobs, definitely has its advantages“ she says playfully with a smile while giving her breasts a short squeeze.
“So... You don‘t want to find out how to reverse this?“
“Even if this sounds ridiculous... no. I like this body just too much.“
“Okay...“ you say, not knowing how to react to what your friend just said.
“And there is something else...“ she says.
“What is it?“ you ask. 
She gives you a big smile as she leaps forward and gives you a short kiss. Your eyes widen. What... Why did she do that? As you were still perplexed, you could feel a tingle spreading over your entire body. You look back to her. 
“You're my best friend. I want you to feel how great a body like this is, too!“ she says with a big smile.

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