Magic Mud - Quickie

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They had travelled for some time, heading deep into the jungle. There were six of them, six middle-aged men, all of whom had grown tired their lives. In their mid-life crisis, they agreed to go on an adventure together, rediscovering their life purpose and be reborn. They of course all thought this was figuratively speaking, but boy were they wrong.

A rumor had circulated on the travel-forums they all browsed. A magic pool of muc, said to give invigorating youth to those who bathed in its mud. They all agreed that this of course was bullshit, but as a symbolic gesture, they all headed out into the jungle to find this pool.

After days of wandering and travelling, they actually found it. It looked like any other pool of mud, they had come across, but it somehow felt different. It was as if drew them to jump in, invisible hands pulling them closer, invisible voices whispering in their ears to jump in. Without saying a word to one another, they threw away their gear and jumped in the pool laughing.

The mud was warm and soothing. It drew them further and further and deeper and deeper into it's midst. They felt high, high on life, a high they haven't felt for ages. They still didn't speak to one another, but it were as if they all thought the same. Smilling and laughing they all stripped of their clothes, wanting to get closer to the mud, letting it caress every part of their body. 

Their deep laughs soon turned to high piched giggling. Hair began to grow from their bald heads, while their beards slowly dissapeared. Filled with pure joy they began hugging each other, rubbing each others bodies with even more mud. With their hands they reshaped each other's bodies. Their skin became smooth, and their stocky body-shapes became curvy. Their genitals disappeared into the mud, and busty breasts grew from their chest.

They had become reborn, and never would their life be the same.

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LaylaTF - 13.01.2020 um 23:19 Uhr

Very nice story! I like it! 😁

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