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Hey Guys, im Layla! Thank you sooo much for the 1000 Watchers on DeviantArt! In return I want to fulfill your deepest desires! 2 weeks ago I asked you to tell me which story from me you like the most. And now I will satisfy the wishes of all the participants. Be ready to be teleported to me, and have your life changed!

“Hmm, who is gonna be the first?“ I think to myself. I scroll through the comments of my post and see one by 'zohaneta’. I smirk a little and then close my eyes. I think about his name and channel my magic. Some seconds later a bright flash enlightens my room, and he stands before me. A 21-year-old guy, with long light brown hair and a chubby shape. He is just a bit bigger than me. 

“Hey Jonah“ I say to the very confused and scared looking young man. "What is this? Where am I? Who are you? Why do you know my name?” he reply rapidly. I smile and get closer to him. "Im Layla, maybe you know me better under the name LaylaTF or Transformstorys?“ I can see in his face he started to understand. "Y-You... That means... You want to…” “Yeah, sure“ I say giggling. I gently stroke your left arm, and as I do so I can see that he could feel the magic going into his body.

His hair started to darken, until it was completely black and his face shifted and transformed into that of a very beautiful woman, while his adam‘s appel disappeared. He sees his new hair and asks "Is this really happ... Oh my god my voice!“ I smile as I see the happiness in his eyes. "So, you said that you want to keep your chubbiness, but I think the fat really needs to be rearranged“ And as if on command his body fat started to shift around giving him thick thighs and a big ass, as well as growing him big boobs and giving him a very womanly shape.

“Now you look absolutely stunning! But we need to do something against those clothes.“ I snap my fingers and all his clothes but his shoes and his boxers instantly disappeared. Then his shoes transformed into black leather boots and his boxers crawled up his body forming a sexy blue swimsuit. "Oh, and your penis already disappeared as I see“ I giggle. His hand went shocked down to his crouch but touched nothing but the flat surface of his swimsuit. 

He seems to be thrilled about his new appearance. "Congratulations to your new life“ I say and snap my fingers. And with another bright flash he teleported to where he come from.

I look back into the comments and search for my next victim. I see a comment by ’romulfe’. I think about his name and a few seconds later he stands before my just like the last guy. He looked evenly confused at first, but realised what's going on immediately as he sees me. He is noticeable taller than the first guy, has a little fat on him and short brown hairs. ”Are you Layla?” he asked. ”Yeah I am!” I say smiling ”So you liked my ’I love those boobs’ gif? I assume that you want your own to play with”

I smirk as I put my hands on his chest. I can feel my magic going through my hands into him, and he clearly felt it too. His chest bulged under my hands, as two perfect perky breasts form on him. While that happens, his whole body started to shrink. Making him even smaller than me. Then his body fat becomes less and rearranges, forming a perfect feminine figure. His hair gets blond and grows out while his face changes to become cute and womanly and his adam’s apple shrinks. Now everything on him was feminine except the most important part. He suddenly grapped into his crouch. ”Oh my god… Its shrinking! And my voice… It sounds so feminine and beautiful…” he says ”And now its gone… Im a real woman now! Oh my god this is so unreal…” And that makes a she out of him. I smile and snap my fingers. All of her clothes disappear and her boxers transformed into beige panties.

She looked incredibly happy about her new body. “Thank you! Thank you so much Layla!” she said while she couldn't stop playing with her new boobs and jumping around in the room. I smile before I send her back to her place.

As I get back on my PC is see, that I got a note from one guy I write more often with: ‘diaperwoman89’. He wrote that he liked my photo manipulation ‘Your girlfriend turned into your little puppy’ the most. So I snap my fingers and with a flash he stands in front of me. He looked a bit confused. "Hey” I say “Not seen you in real life until now!” “Are you Jonas?” he asks. “Yeah...” I look down on me “But I think Layla is better fitting right now” I chuckle. Then I look back at him. "And you are not really a man either anymore…"

Shockingly, she looked down at her body. She didn‘t realised that she started to transform into a hot woman the moment she was teleported to me. Now she is almost fully transformed, the last things she could see, was her boobs that were growing to full size and her clothes that all got replaced by a string tanga and a tight top with a big cleavage. "I... I... Oh my god, my voice!“ she said with her new high-pitched female voice. She looked at the mirror in my room. "Wow... I look really hot!“ She said, smiling. "And it gets even better!“ I giggle. At the moment I say that, her ears wander up her head, get bigger and fluffy until she had two big dog-ears. She sicks out her tongue, as it gets bigger to become a dog-tongue. Suddenly she gets the urge to get down on all fours and so she did. "Im... Im a Dog-Girl... *woof* Did... Did I just *woof* ?“ Her woofs actually sounded like they were from a cute real dog.

I smile at her "Yes you are, and your new owner is waiting for you at home!” I snapped again, and sent her back.

I have made a doggirl. But now I definitely also needed to make a catgirl! I look in the comments and luckily see a comment from drijunior who writes that he loves my catgirl pictures. I smile happily, snap my fingers and he stands in my room. He looks exactly as confused as the three people before him. I explain to him who I am and see the joy in his eyes as he realizes that his dream will come true. I snap again and his transformation starts.

His hair grows out until it reaches his shoulder blades and becomes dark blonde. His face shifted and transformed becoming incredibly cute and feminine, while his adam‘s appel disappeared. His whole body got smaller and reformed to give him very sexy womanly curves. His ass and boobs grow and his penis shrinks to make a her out of him. Her clothes vanished, and a black leather jacket and black tight-highs appeard on her body, making her even cuter and sexier. Then her ears moved up her head, grow fur and reshape until she had cat-ears, while at the end of her spine a long cat tail started to grow. At last the tip of her nose gets pink. She looks in the mirror and sinks to the floor. She was speechless about her beauty ”Thank you *meow* ” she sad with a cute and quiet voice.

”Wow! You have become really cute!” I look happily at her ”I think I will keep you. Do you want to be my catgirl?” She nodded happily. ”Okay kitty, you can wait in the living room. I need to fulfill some more wishes.” ”Yes” she says happily and crawled out of my room.

As I look back into the comments I see two people, that liked my recent Reptile-Girl TF Sequence, "cfrew” and “Jessthenotsohotmess”. I snapped and they both stand in front of me. A tall skinny man and a tall girl with a bit of a bulky figure. ”Oh, the first person who is already a girl!” I say giggling ”I just need to do a few adjustments there. 

I snapped again and her body started to shift. She began to shrink and her complete figure got a more curvy womanly shape. Also, her face started to shift a bit. She wasn’t unattractive before, but now she was a bombshell! I look to the guy. ”And you clearly need to adjust” I giggle and he started to transform as well. But way more drastically as he got shorter too, but his whole body feminized in a matter of seconds until he was a gorgeous woman too. The two of them looked speechless at themselves and then to me. ”But that wasn’t exactly what you wanted, right?” I ask them. They looked at me with a questioning look. ”You don't need those clothes anymore” Is say and as of command they disappeared completely and the two were now completely naked. They quickly covered there private parts. ”And you also don't need to shame” I say. Slowly they removed their arms and hands away from their crouch and breasts as their sense of shame got removed from their minds.

”And now to the fun part!” I snap another time and the two look down at their bodies. One of them let out a short scream as she saw, that her skin started to turn green. First they looked confused, but as they realize what happens to them, I can see the joy in their faces. At the moment their skin was entirely green, scales started to develop on their thighs, hips, backs, shoulders and upper arms. At last, their eyes became a bright yellow color.  ”Wow, you are two sexy reptile girls!” They both look happily at themselves and each other. ”I don't know what your sexual orientation was before, but now you are like made for each other, right?” I say and its almost as you could see moment their minds got changed a bit again, as they look at each other and fall in love. They start to hug and kiss each other. I smile and snap to send them to a place where they can be alone.


Now I looked for something a little different. I saw a comment from 'Teysa02’ and it was exactly what I was looking for. I snapped, and He appeared in front of me. He was as perplexed at everyone, but as I explained the situation to him, he got very happy, suspecting what would be happening with him. And in that moment it started.

All of his clothes disappeared and his skin started to become white. He touched his white skin, but it didn’t felt like human skin. It felt more like fabric... The fabric that is used for swimsuits... He got very excited! It now covered his whole body. Just at the sides of his upper body there were red and orange stripes. He began to feel something at his balls and penis as they retracted into his body, leaving nothing than a blank surface. He wanted to touch it, but at that moment his arms got shorter while his legs did the same. His head also melted into his neck. A few seconds later he had no arms, no legs and no head. Surprisingly he could see, hear and feel as good as before. Then he started to lose mass as his body became empty. The last thing that happened was a zipper appearing on his front. Now he was fully a white one-piece swimsuit.

“But that is not exactly what you wanted, right?” I asked him teasingly, as I snapped with my Fingers and another Person appears in the room. It was a girl. She was naked, but she stood there like a statue, without a single move and with a blank look in her eyes. "Oh she is already naked... She was probably sleeping right now... That makes things easier. Don't worry, she is in a state where she can't see or hear what's going on. She won't remember what happens here right now.” I said. He saw the girl and his heart started to beat faster, at least it felt like it because he clearly wasn‘t human anymore. The girl that was standing there was his crush! 

I smiled and made a gesture with my hand, whereupon the swimsuit was starting to move. It flew to the girl and put on itself on her. I know he wanted to thank me, but as he had no mouth he couldn‘t say something. "You dont need to tell me. I know it feels absolutely awesome to be wrapped tight around her gorgeous body. Feeling every inch of her breasts, her crotch, her ass and the rest of her upper body. And I tell you what. She also feels good when she is wearing you. So you will soon become her favorite piece and she will probably go out swimming more, just to wear you more often.” And with that I sent the two back to her home.


Looking back into the comments one last time, I saw my last two participants. 'dominic-jpw7702‘ and ’fynndenise’ both liked my ’Chemestry Homework’ TG-Caption the most. I smile and snap so they both appear in front of me. They were both tall man with short hair. But dominic-jpw7702 had dirty blonde hair and grey eyes and fynndenise had brown hair and blue eyes. One last time I explain who I am to the confused guys. Then I started the transformation.

They both got smaller and became more feminine curves, as their skin got more tanned. Their hips and asses expanded, while on both of their chests big breasts started to form and their penises and balls transformed into the female counterpart. Both of their faces shifted into that of two cute college girls, while their adam‘s apples disappeared. Then the clothes on both girls disappeard. dominic-jpw7702 first got new clothes. White socks, Red shiny sneakers, white panties, a grey skirt and a pink crop-top. She was a little confused that she didn’t wore a bra, but at the same time she liked it a bit. Then fynndenise got new clothes. Black boots, black tight-highs, black panties, an ocher skirt, a black crop top and black glasses. She also wore no bra and like the other girl, she liked it.

”Look at you two sexy girls!” I say smilingly ”You will now go to the same college. You will be BFFs and you will not also be the best students in your courses you will also be the two hottest girls on the campus” I say as the two smile and hug each other tightly. Then I snap for a last time and the girls disappeared to their new lives.

I smile at what I had done. I made several of my watchers happy, by making them what they wanted to be the most. I hope that they will make the best out of it. 

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