A new Sister

Written by LaylaTF | Published at the 01.09.2019 | MtF MC | 2 6786

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Tom knocked on the door of the room of his twin sister "Hey, Kira! Do you have something that I can wear? Like a jacket or something? Mom put all my sweaters in the wash, I think. At any rate, I can not find one." "Oh, sure!", She answered and gave Tom a blue denim jacket. "Do you think I can wear them without me looking funny?" "Yeah, that should suit you. It is a unisex variant" "Okay, thank you!" Tom said and disappeared back into his room. 

He looked at the jacket for a moment and then put it on. It suited him surprisingly well, his sister had not lied. He could also wear the jacket as a man. But when he buttoned the last button, something strange happened. It felt like the jacket was squeezing. Tom was confused and looked in the mirror at his wardrobe and it did! The jacket pulled itself together. Tom could barely catch his breath and started to panic. He tried to take off the jacket, but his hands were shaky and he could not open one button. He tried to scream for help, but his lungs were compressed so hard that he could not get any sound out. He felt black and soon lost consciousness. 

When he woke up, his skull hurt. He was lying on the ground. Apparently he had fallen over and bumped himself when he got unconscious. Slowly he got up again. Somehow he felt weird. When he glanced in the mirror, he knew why. Who he saw there was not himself. It was a beautiful girl. If he didn't know any better, he would claim that she was a missing sister of him. But he saw her in the mirror and she followed every move of him. He was her. She had long brown hair tied in a braid and wore black trousers and her sister's jeans jacket, which was now tight and showed her curves. Besides that, she could feel that she wore a bra and panties. She moved closer to the mirror and looked at herself. 

Suddenly strange thoughts entered her mind. She could not remember her old name, all she knew was that her name was Tomke. And the longer she looked at herself, the more she liked what she saw. She could not explain why, but she was suddenly very happy to be a girl and could hardly wait to tell her sister about it and to learn from her how it is to be a girl. She did not know if she was thinking that for herself, or if that was because she had transformed, but she did not care. 

She took her iPhone and took a picture of herself. As she tried to pose, suddenly a button on her denim jacket jumped up exposing her cleavage. She was a little surprised at first, but then began to giggle "Your shirt is a bit too tight for me, Sister." What she did not know and probably will never know is that her sweaters did not disappear by accident. Kira was very happy to have a twin sister now.


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