Travelling into another reality

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Chapter 1

28-06-2017, along the road somewhere in Arkansas

I stand at the side of the road. In the middle of nowhere, no one and nothing as far as my eye can see. Just me and my trolley where I have my backpack, aka my home away from home. The sun is setting, slowly eating away the light. So here I stand, my last attempt at hitchhiking to the nearest city. I really hope that I don’t have to sleep outside in the dirt again. It’s summer and warm, so it wouldn’t be a catastrophe if some passing car wouldn’t be so kind to stop and give me a ride, but it would still suck. Despite the sun setting and the weather cooling off, it’s still hot as fuck. I’m sweating, I’m itching, quite frankly, I’m miserable right now. But what’s my alternative, there is none. Here I am, and it’s my choice, my only one. I run my hand through my long and filtered hair, some kind of insect is stuck in it. I do the same with my sporadic messy beard, yep another insect. A fly bites my neck. I shout and hit where it hurt me. It crushes, its blood mixing with my sweat. Shit it’s hot.

A distant sound makes my blood race in excitement. A car! I quickly stick out my thumb in excitement. The car, a quite nice old black Mercedes, slows down and stops beside me. The driver rolls down the passenger window and smiles at me. He asks me where I am going, and I respond: “as far as possible, a city where I can find a place to sleep would be nice”. He tells me that he is going to the nearest motel, a half-hour drive from here, and I am more than welcome to tag along. I eagerly accept. I throw my backpack in the backseat, kick my trolley away and jump into the passenger seat.

We introduce ourselves; his name is Lucas. We quickly begin to talk. At first it is usual hitchhiker small talk, but it soon turns into a deeper conversation. He asks about my past and who I am, really am. I am normally quite the natural at dodging those unwanted questions, but there is something about this man, he is very enchanting. Broad-shouldered, muscular, very nice brown, and but most notably his demeanor, which is borderline seductive. It’s weird thinking this way, I am not one who finds other men attractive or enchanting. Of course, you can be attracted to people without wanting, which I guess this is. I answer his questions truthfully, something I haven’t done for anyone in years. I am on the run, a self-made fugitive, who, despite my young age, gave up the dream of a home long ago. He nods and listens wholeheartedly through my whole story, he really listens, which I never thought anyone would. By the end, he gives me an understanding look, and offers me his water bottle. It is filled with red wine.
“I think you need some of this” he smiles as he hands me the bottle. I thank him, and I take a sip of the wine, which quickly turns into gulps. The wine is sweet, very sweet, which I normally quite detest, but there is something about the wine that draws me too drink it. It’s quickly gone. He laughs, commenting on how thirsty is must have been. I giggle in response. That was weird, I am not a giggler. Don’t know many guys who are for that matter.

We drive in silence for a while. The sun is almost completely gone. I feel the wine beginning to work. I am blushing and it’s tickling all around my face, especially my beard is, like it’s moving or something. I feel my hair touching my shoulders, it has always been long, but I didn’t realize it had grown that much since my last haircut. The world is beginning to spin. Shit, how did I become drunk from that little cup of wine? Hell, how did I even become this drunk? Did he put something in my drink? I try to calm down, but it’s hard while drunk. Hy heart is pounding, I feel my blood racing around inside my body, and the tickling sensation spreads from my face throughout my whole body.
“Shit, what did you put in that wine?” I say, faking a joke. Was my accent American? And why did my voice sound so high pitch. He looks at me with deep brown eyes and sends me a dreamy smile, I begin to calm down.
“You speak real good American when drunk” he laughs. I giggle again. Well, I am an American… wait, no I’m not! Why did I think that? I’m from… where… fuck, I am too drunk for this. Though his smile and demeanor calmed me, my heart is till pounding, the tickling is still going strong and now an itching has set in, especially in my groin. I take a deep breath. It’s tightening around my chest. I try to inhale again, but the clothes around my chest just tightens even more. It feels as my skin is growing and stretching, almost about to explode. Fuck, what if this is another panic attack! But the last one was years ago, why would it reappear?
“Hey friend, I don’t feel so good. Could you maybe pull over?” I ask. I don’t even notice how my voice sound completely different than it usually does. He looks at me and smiles a knowingly smile. He reassures me, we are only a couple of minutes from the motel, everything will be fine. I have this tic, where I touch my beard, when I’m nervous or scared. I start doing it and notice that my beard is gone. Weirdly enough, I’m only freaking out for a second, it is if I never had a beard in the first place. I instead start playing with my once dark, now dirty blonde, hair. The tickling and itching is slowly disappearing, but the pressure from my chest grows by the second. Wtf is happening with me. One of the buttons of my shirt pops, and without thinking I tear my shirt completely open, revealing a pair of giant voluptuous breasts. I sigh a huge sigh of relief; the pressure is gone. I stare down awe, they are mine. Wtf is happening. I look at Lucas in shock.
“What is happening!?!?” I almost shout. I hadn’t realized we had stopped in the motel parkinglot. Once again he gives me a knowingly look and smiles.
“Wow girl, lets hope no sees you like that.” He laughs.
“ I haven’t seen anyone tear off their clothes like that before. And I must say, you are my best work yet.” He leans in and puts his hand on my thigh. He touch warms me, and I feel myself wetting where dick used to be. I try to say something, ask some kind of question, but I am just panting and starring at him.
“You are gorgeous, really, I mean it. Almost out of this world”. He leans in closer, puts his hand on my cheek and kisses me. My heart starts pounding violently anew. First his full lips against mine, then his mouth opens, and I push my tongue in. I stop thinking, stop questioning the situation, and I give myself up in the moment. We kiss passionately for minutes. Our hands run through each other’s hair, down each other’s backs, and he takes my giant breasts in his big veiny hands and messages them. It feels heavenly. He breaks away and smiles his heavenly smile at me.
“Try to cover yourself up. I’m going to get the key for our room”. He leaves me alone in the car. I try to close my shirt, which proves to be an impossible task. For couple of moments the passionate heat that runs through my body cools off. I begin to question and wonder about the freaking weird situation I find myself in. I can’t get my head around it. My thoughts are quickly interrupted however, as Lucas comes with keys for our room. We run to the room, while I try to keep myself covered. We do notice an older couple starring at me, or more precise, starring at my massive bouncing breasts.

As the motel door closes behind us, we laugh. And we soon find ourselves in each other’s passionate embrace once again. I have had sex a few times before, but never in the woman’s position. I would have imagined that would have been nervous, not knowing what to do. But surprisingly, it feels as if I had done this many times before, I am good at this. I lose myself in the moment, not thinking, not wondering, not worrying.   



29-06-2017, some motel in Arkansas

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vulcan - 22.08.2019 um 13:46 Uhr

Hi, Creative Cabin!

Really beautifully written in harmony!
Is it okay that I translate your story into German?
Then I will post it on



CreativeCabin - 18.12.2019

Hi Vulcan

Well better late than never, but yes, you certainly May translate the story.

pardon for the late response

LaylaTF - 04.07.2019 um 00:51 Uhr

Very good story! I like it :D

CreativeCabin - 04.07.2019


I Think I Will add more chapters soon :)

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