Feline Bliss by Vulcan

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Anywhere, at any point, I read a similar story.

I do hope no one believes I have stolen it.

If it does, not in bad faith. Should someone still feel stepped on his tie or stepped on the train of her dress, please contact me. Vulcan

Part 1

Sandra and Otto

"Otto, look who I discovered in this bizarre fetish forum," Sandra called to her friend Otto.

"I just got off my PC badly. Can't you give me a brief description," he asked, " Sandra, dear, please be so good.

"Okay, so you know I'm looking for someone I can test my experimental nanobots with? I just can't keep up with animal testing. The physical tests are all completed successfully, however, for the psychological tests no way leads past human material and here I found someone who fits perfectly into the matrix. Here she says often dreams of being a cat. Type: kind to look at, a bit insecure and will probably be a teacher or something like. Gonna be easy for you to wrap her around your finger!" Now Otto became curious and approached her.

"What do you mean "wrap around your finger"? He asked as he approached her, " You want to get rid of me.”

"Idiot, beloved, our bond is good sex and our perverse tendencies. We couldn't survive a day alone without the other."

"True, true! But you're right. She seems very well predestined for your project," he said while sitting next to her and taking a closer look at the test person. " And how do you intend to get her into your clutches?"

"Nothing concrete yet. But I have already announced a leading role for you," she said and grinned mischievously. 


To grab this kitten, I first needed her name, address, and so on. So I first determined her name and thanks to the VisageBook, everything else. Her life laid before me like an open book: Verena Wilder, 22 years old, single, orphaned and in temporary employment, etc..

Now I'm sure Julia Hochstetter from the health department could help me. I called her, "Jule! Hello, this is Sandra. I came to ask you if you'd like to have dinner with me tonight?"

"What can I do this time for you?" She wasn't so easy to fool.

"Let's talk this over at the Greek restaurant, okay?"

Jule, Otto and I belonged to a rather obscure and, as I later realized, very powerful organization since our time as students. At that time we had no money and therefore had to finance our studies independently. I'm not allowed to talk about details, just this little bit: they only take selected intelligent and ruthless guys, participate once and cannot leave, but you get help from the members or give them help, which can also be beyond legality. On the phone, Jule was very careful not to ask any more questions.

"Suits me well, I'm your guest. See you tonight! Bye!"

Dinner with Julia:

"Well, what can I do for you?" she asked me after dinner. I pushed a note over to her, analogous. She swallowed a sip of mocha and deepened herself in the writing. After a few minutes, she gave it back to me and said: "You will have to wait four to six weeks. Then I'll give you what you need."

"Good! Let me know three weeks before you get it done. Then I can continue my project without losing much time." I put the note back in my handbag, where it was destroyed by a secret substance without a trace. Viewed from outside, there were two young attractive ladies, pleasantly talking. No one knew who they were. Well-trained agents.

Point one was taken care of.

My victim had an elderly neighbour who might be useful to me. In her youth, she belonged to the RAF, a terrorist organization, and at the same time was an informant for a secret service. Today she lived under the fake name of a murdered and then buried corpse. She moved into their pension and for me, she was perfectly blackmailable. Oh, yeah! The world's a bad place. One of our agents contacted her and instructed her to act on my instructions.

Point two was taken care of.

In the meantime, I knew the complete daily routine of my object. At her daily jogging distance, I put a basket with three kittens. As expected, she took the cats with her and cared for them.

Point three was taken care of.


Jule and the old neighbour had delivered and for the next weeks, my laboratory was my home. Otto himself had a lot to do with finishing the collar for my kitten in time. But soon everything was ready and Otto and I were in the starting blocks.

At last, it started, for our object was finally acting as expected.

Part 2

"Three cute, charming, playful kittens! All females to give away. Vaccinated. Not castrated yet. Call 0155-123456789; only serious calls please!" This was the ad Verena Wilder had placed in the eBay classifieds the week before. Four months ago she had found the three kittens abandoned on the roadside. She took them home, had them examined by the vet, who had given them all the necessary injections; but now they were six months old, almost fully grown and cost her more than she could afford at the time. Having only a temporary part-time job as a teacher, she was now back on social welfare at Hartz 4. Sterilizing three cats she could never afford. "If no one calls today, I have no choice but to take them to the animal shelter. And finally, her mobile rang while she was lying on her small terrace and sunbathing. "Hello?" she replied. "Yes," said a male voice on the other end. "I'm calling about the three little pussies?" "Excuse me?" was her shocking answer. "Oh, you mean the kittens... right?" "Ah, yes, the cats... in Bavaria, where I come from, we just call them 'pussies'. Are they still available?" "Yes, yes, yes!" Veronica shouted, excited. "All three of them!" "Wonderful," he replied. "I'll be there in, like, two hours, okay?" "In two hours, yes, it would be perfect, yes!" She gave him the address and hung up relieved. She took another glass of water and lay down in the sun again. While she sunbathed, a neighbour of hers, an elderly lady that had always been friendly to her, dropped in. So she told Veronika that her cat had recently died, and she would like one of the three if Veronika wanted to give it up. Veronika first hesitated because she had made an appointment for three cats for the man. However, she would still have two left and if he was seriously interested in the cats, he would pick up what she had left! With a smile she let the lady come in and she chose one of the three kittens. After an eternity, the elderly lady finally left, and when she looked at the clock, he was soon to arrive! She hurried into her bedroom and put on a top and a pair of short shorts. When she slipped into her sandals, the doorbell rang. She opened the door, still a little out of breath. And then she stared at the man standing there in her doorway. He was tall, young, extremely handsome and elegantly dressed. She didn't notice the way she stared at him until he talked to her. "Hello... are you the one I talked with?" "Yes, yes, yes," she gasped when she stepped back to let him in. " For the... Cats..." As he entered, she caught a whiff of his scent. It smelled like a dream. Dazed, she shook her head and tried to concentrate. "Please, come in, my name is Veronica." They entered their living room and he looked around. "My name is Otto." The two remaining kittens were seated in their armchair, side by side, and didn't seem to care a bit about him. Veronica guided him to the cats. "Well, here they are..." She stood at the side of the armchair. He stepped around her so that he stood between her and the kittens. He stroked the two kittens with his left hand, and his right hand stroked Veronica's bare waist, making her freeze in shock for a moment; but the contact was very fleeting. Again she perceived this irresistible scent and her fear vanished. "They're cute and adorable," he turned to her. "I wonder as to why they weren't taken earlier. The colouration of the fur is also very pretty." He stroked the kittens between their ears and they purred while he continued flirting with this attractive woman. As he turned his eyes back to the kittens, his right hand slipped, by chance, through Veronica's hair and she sighed softly. His voice was so melodic, so soft and had such an incredibly dominant intensity. The kittens purr loudly. "The cats seem to like you," Veronica said smiling and looked at him. He smiled gently as he pulled his hand away from them. "Oh yeah, I had a lot of pussy, you know, but I don't usually keep them very long." His answer surprised her. "What do you mean, you're not keeping them? What do you do to them, what happens to them?" For a moment she was very worried if he would be a good owner for them. He immediately noticed her concern for his answer and stretched out his hand to caress her face. "Don't worry, my dear. I'm trying to find a good home for them, that's all I do." "Oh," Veronica replied and immediately felt relieved. "I was a little worried." All her worries about the kittens disappeared. "That's quite reasonable. But now you're feeling better, aren't you?" He stroked gently over her cheek and through her hair. "Yes... she sighed happily. "Good. Well, that ad also said they were playful, I think?" "Oh, yes, very!" she exclaimed. "Do you want to see it?" She went into the corner of the living room and knelt in front of a basket full of cat toys. The two kittens jumped to her, ready to play. "You can find a good home faster with playful pussies," Otto observed her pulling a few play mice out of the basket and throwing them at the waiting kittens. They beat them back to her and so it went back and forth until one flew under the desk. Veronika crawled over and grabbed under the desk, trying to find the mouse. Both kittens slapped their paws under the desk too, without success. Otto, who was watching all this, was laughing. "Well, you're playful and a little stupid too, I see. A typical pussy attitude of hitting toys where they can never reach."

Part 3

Veronika finally stopped searching and came up. She picked up the other mice and put them back in the basket. She felt Otto back and inhaled his scent again. He had picked up both kittens with his left hand; his right hand slipped around Veronica's waist and gently stroked her bare skin. She leaned against him lightly, just lightly and sighed a little. Then she suddenly fainted. He pulled out a syringe and injected her with the DNA-modifying nanites of Sandra's lab. Slowly she woke up. Holding her on his lap, he stroked her gently. "You are exactly as described," he said calmly. "Sweet, enchanting, playful, feminine, brown... I'll take all three of you." "Three...?" Veronica asked when she felt his hand gliding along her stomach behind the waistband of her shorts. "There's only..." "Three," he repeated calmly as his hand slipped in, touching her hill tenderly and eliciting a frightened breath from the stunned Veronica. "I'll take all three." "'m not...ohh...oh...she moaned as his fingers danced over her labia, as she tried to protest, was trying to figure out the meaning of what he just said, what he was doing... couldn't see that there were only two of them...she fought and turned her hips a little bit, completely confused by what was happening to her. And he leaned towards her and whispered in her ear. "Is there a problem, pussy?" And there was a quiet authority in his voice and she stopped fighting back. She moaned quietly on while his fingers continued to caress her most sensitive area. "You're good pussies. Yes, all three of you." Veronica was still unaware of what was going on, yet the way he spoke, the sound of his voice whispering into her ear, suppressed all the thoughts she thought she needed now, the ideas of defending herself and protesting. Instead, she became ever more gentle and submissive. Slowly and gently he pulled his hand out of her shorts; she was wet. And he whispered a simple order to her: " Get down." Her legs became so soft that she kneeled. She heard something jingling and then, a moment later, feeling him putting something around her neck and then it did 'click'. She couldn't see it but instinctively understood exactly what it was and what it implied. Her arms slowly slide to the side kneeling on the floor. He tied a leash to her collar and bound the leash to the table leg. " Wait," he ordered, and Veronica watched helplessly as he walked out the door with the two kittens. The sound of his voice still echoed through her head and drowned all thoughts of resistance or escape. A couple of minutes later Otto came back and pulled a big cat box on wheels behind him. And her eyes widened as she realized what was about to happen. He was gonna take her, too. To him, she was also a kitten, a pussy, for he treated her the same as the two kittens she wanted to give away. He opened the flap of the box and she just thought 'this was my last chance to escape' when he released the leash from the table leg. " Now go into your box." Her heart started beating as she sensed how she slowly crawled back into the box on all fours. "You're such a sweet pussy. Come on, keep crawling." Her feet were inside, then her legs, then her upper body, her arms and finally her head. Then he threw the end of the leash in the box and locked the flap quickly. When he rolled out the box, she glanced up at him through the bars of the flap. A few moments later she was in the van's loading area, together with the two kittens, who were kept in smaller boxes suitable for them. When she tried to understand what had just happened to her, it made her swallow. She was wondering who Otto was. What was it about his voice, his behaviour, his manners? Kittens had immediately been fond of him and she had too.... The most important matter came to her mind. So where did he transport them? What did he mean by 'looking for a good home for them'? She looked at the two kittens; they were rolled up into their boxes, firmly asleep. Veronica yawned, she thought that reflecting on what had happened to her had made her so exhausted. She didn't know anything about the nanites who were already transforming her. Entering her brain structure to make her more stupid and trainable consumed all her energy. So she soon fell asleep rolled up in her box with the soft, cuddly pillow. While asleep she first lost the ability of human language, in the beginning, she could still understand simple sentences but she could only meow. The devilish thing about it was that her brain played for her, she could still speak and so her meowing sounded like that of a Siamese cat and of course no human could understand her anymore. Ultimately, even the language memory, like all other human abilities, would disappear and only a happy purring kitten would remain.

Part 4 It was 10 a.m. punctually when veterinarian Sandra Meier and her assistant Lisa started their work in the veterinary clinic. "We've got three girl kittens that were given up for neutering. From Mr Otto! Oh, God! Oh, God! This man I wouldn't throw out of my bed," Lisa said. The doctor laughed and lied. "He's not my type! But there's something about him, isn't there? And the kittens always feel it, too." "Not your type, doctor?" Lisa grinned cheekily. "My God, he's the guy! And yes, the kittens just love him more than anything, even after they've been neutered - he's got this animal magnetism!" She handed the file to Dr Meier. "Looks good," said the vet as she read through the check-in paper. "All the vaccinations have been done, we just have to castrate them. They haven't had food or water since last night." She looked again. "They don't have names yet?" "Whoo! That means I get to pick sweet names for them, doesn't it?" "Of course," Sandra replied quietly. "I know how much you love that. While I work through the rest of the day's schedule, you do it now. I'll be back in about an hour to give our first patient anaesthesia." Veronika moved slowly and felt a little disoriented. She could immediately see that she wasn't lying in her bed; rubbing her eyes, she remembered this strange dream.... she had dreamed she was a stray cat and had been picked up by a wonderful man who was looking for a good home for her. Once she could see again, Veronika quickly realized that it was not a dream! She was in some kind of metal cage. In identical enclosures were the other two kittens with which she had been taken away. He had not only taken the two kittens with him but also Veronika - she remembered again how he had called all three "pussies". She looked down at herself and saw that she was naked apart, naturally, from the collar he had put around her neck. She touched it with her hands and strangely enough, she calmed it down. With curiosity she looked around the hall - it seemed to be a kind of animal shelter! Veronika crawled on her hands and knees to the flap of her cage, yet she could no longer comprehend what a lock is, not to mention its function. She just put pressure on the flap and nothing happened so she lost interest. She looked to her left and her right; the other two kittens seemed to be perfectly comfortable in their cages. She was overwhelmed by the memory of the wonderfully smelling man and how soothing his voice had been, and she sank into deep serenity. That feeling overwhelmed her, simply relaxing, then everything would be fine. When the door opened, the three immediately drew their attention to Lisa, all excited as she came to them. "No! How lovely you are," Lisa shouted as she approached the cages, " You three are adorable! Mr Otto knows how to choose the right kittens!" She walked straight to Veronica's cage, pushing her hand through the bars and caressing her hair. "Herr Otto thought Veronika, this is the dear man who picked me up," and the thought of his name already made her feel warm and tingling as she cuddled her head in Lisa's hand. "What a sweet girl!" it bubbled from Lisa's lips. "If you weren't Mr Otto's, I might take you to myself!" She pulled her hand out of the cage while Veronica blushed a little bit at her comment and walked over to one of the other kittens and did the same with it. "My God," Lisa exclaimed as she stroked the head of the second kitten, "you're just as sweet as your sister! Now I can no longer decide which of you is my favourite," she said when she switched to the third, "you're all so adorable! I'll enjoy giving you names!" I have a name," Veronica thought, "what is she talking about? Does she think I'm a cat? Shaking her head, she said to Lisa: "But... but am I a cat? Don't I have a name?" She didn't even look at Veronica showing that she had heard her talking. Instead, she stroked the kitten to Veronica's left. "I love girl kittens! You're all so fluffy and cuddly and sweet and brown! I just know that Mr Otto won't have a problem finding owners for you!" "Hello?" Veronica said, a little louder this time. "I have a name, it's Veronica, and I'm not a cat! Can't you see that?" She was a little upset that the vet nurse hadn't even noticed that she was talking to her! "Well, how shall I name you?" Lisa asked the little brown kitten as she rubbed its head and neck. "I like your brown colouring... I think I'll call you mocha!" She took her hand out of the cage to pick up a block of paper. Veronica realized that when Lisa turned to the kitten, it was a registration form for cats, and saw Lisa writing "Mocha" in the first line, and then pushing the sheet into a holder at the front of the cage. "Mocha", Veronica thought, "that's a sweet name, I guess? She watched Lisa walk past her to the kitten on her right. The veterinary nurse had still not in any way indicated that she heard Veronica talking to her. "Now to you," Lisa smiled as she shoved her hand back into the cage to stroke the second kitten. "I want to name you Pietsch! You little sweet peach!" And she wrote the name on the sheet of paper and put it in the holder, just like before.


Part 5 Then it was her turn - and the woman also wanted to give her a name. She shivered with anticipation as she saw how Lisa stepped back to her. The woman's hand slid into her cage and on the spot, Veronika began to cuddle into her hand while stroking her hair. "Hmhm", Lisa murmured as she looked down on Veronica, "your fur is a little darker than that of your sisters here". I have to wonder whether you're all from the same litter?" Her left hand moved under Veronica's chin and touched her collar. "And you're the only one with such a pretty pink collar!" "Yes," Veronica thought desperately, "those are probably the only differences. She had to wheeze a little when she sensed Lisa's hand moving away from her head and down. It felt so good.... she almost forgot to get upset about Lisa's stupidity. She pushed her pelvis lustfully against the woman's hand as she approached her hips causing her mind to fall into a happy nebula. "Well, well, little girl, you're already in heat," Lisa proclaimed as her hand massaged the area right over Veronica's hill. "Your pussy feels like a cookie just pulled out of the oven!" Veronica gasped as she felt her climax approaching. But just before that, Lisa took her hand away. "All those pretty dark brown stripes in your fur. Your name is Mauzie!" Excited, she wrote the name on the paper, put it in the holder and left a Veronica moaning disappointed with sexual frustration. Then Veronica dawned on what Lisa had said about her 'fur'. She had brown hair and no dark brown stripes. Now she felt a little itching on her skin and a slight stabbing on her coccyx. She looked casually at her arms. They were strangely brown with dark brown stripes. She froze in shock and trembled all over her body. It seized her naked panic and she rolled up anxiously like a kitten. She then sensed a part of her repeatedly knocking nervously on the floor of her cage. There was a thing on her. She didn't wanna confirm her suspicions. However, then her catlike curiosity triumphed, she gathered her courage and looked. Oh, my God! Oh, my God! She had a tail! Like through fog she perceived, how Lisa still said: " Mocha, Pietsch, and Mauzie. Perfect!" The door opened and Dr Meier entered. Lisa turned to her: "I just finished naming them, Dr Meier. Good timing!" The doctor looked at the three female cats in their cages, and just like Lisa, she didn't realize that one of them was different than the other two. She opened a drawer next to her and took out a mask, which she attached to a hose. "So," she asked Lisa, "which one should we castrate first?" CASTRATE? When she heard the word, Veronica couldn't breathe. She knew what that meant, but to hear it and know it was meant for her made her tremble in shock. She looked over at the other kittens and at that moment was wishing she could be like them and wouldn't know what would happen to them. "This one," Lisa said, pointing to Veronica's cage. "Mauzie here is already in heat, so we should probably neuter her first - we don't want little hangovers sneaking into the office this morning to mate with her!" "Oh my God," Veronica gasped as Dr Meier shoved her hand into her cage to confirm what her assistant had just told her. "You can't castrate me! I'm not a cat! My name is...ohhhhh..." she couldn't say the rest, because Dr Meier reached into the privacy of the shocked woman. "Wow," Dr Meier remarked as she continued her investigation, "It's not only rolly but also extremely fertile. It's lucky a hangover hasn't climbed it before." When she took her hand away, Veronika was shuddering hard, already so shortly before the climax. She next felt Dr Meier's hand on her chest. "Well developed for its age, isn't it, Lisa?" "That's it, Dr Meier," Lisa replied. "It's almost a shame to neuter it, but for cats, it's the only right thing to do. We don't want a bunch of feral kittens running around!" She stroked Veronica's head through the bars. "Don't be afraid, my little Mauzie, you won't feel a thing. Dr Meier will give you something for it!" "No", Veronika protested on seeing Dr Meier holding the gas mask in her hand and moving it towards her face. " Can' you see it? I'm not a cat! I don't need to be neutered! My name is not Mauzie, it's... uuhhhh..." " How she's meowing, one might think she's trying to tell us something! The blood of a Siamese cat must be in our little Mauzie," Lisa said when Dr Meier held the mask over Veronica's face and saw her quickly succumb to the anaesthetic. "Maybe the operation will calm her down a little? She is ready," said Dr Meier, as she pushed her free hand under Veronica's chin and held her head up, she saw that the cat was unconscious. "All right, take Mauzie to the exam room and prep her. We need all three of them ready by noon."


Part 6

She woke up and stretched out her limbs. She felt so dreamy, so happy. She looked up and looked into the face of Otto. He had been admiring his girlfriend's work all along. There was a cat creature in front of him, which with its brown-black striped fur, its cat face and its long tail, only rudimentarily remembered of a human woman. "He said, "Well, look who's awake. You slept a long time, Mauzie." It thought: "Mauzie. My name is Mauzie." "Your sisters awoke from anaesthesia several hours ago and I have already found a new home for them." His hand stroked over its new soft brown-black striped fur on its head and it purred. It was lying on a soft, cuddly pillow. Its stomach started to growl. "You must be starving, Mauzie. Let me give you your food. Do you like tuna trout or poultry, Mauzie?" And Mauzie meowed begging when he went into the kitchen. Without thinking, it was running on all fours to him. In the kitchen, he put a bowl of water and a food bowl on the floor. It stuck its muzzle in the bowl and greedily ate its food and drank some water afterwards. Then it ran all around content back to Otto. On its way back into the living room it felt that it had to go to the toilet and went into the bath, to relieve itself in the cat litter box. Careful and clean as a cat is, it covered its excrement with litter and licked its paws and bottom clean. It was about to run back to Otto when it saw a pair of ears and a tail. It was just her reflection, it had no idea. It hissed furiously to defend its territory. "What's the matter, Mauzie?" Otto then recognized what she saw and had to laugh. "It's just your reflection, you silly pussy. There's no other cat here." He took a ball with a bell in it and rolled it through the door into the living room. Mauzie chased after it immediately. Then the front door opened and Dr Meier entered with a smile on her face. Otto went to her to greet her. "Welcome home, Sandra," he said as he hugged and kissed her. She eagerly returned his affection. "How was your day, dear?" "Wonderful, and yours too?" She smiled as they moved tightly towards the sofa. "How's our little pet?" There was a ringing noise from the next room. "It ate its food and is now playing." He put his arm around his beautiful companion. "Our little experiment worked even better than I had imagined!" "Well, we found the perfect object. I knew when I found her on this fetish site last year and read the stuff she posted that we had found the right one. She said she dreamed of being a cat at night and often wondered what it was like... Now she knows," Sandra said. Otto then said: "That was a real lucky shot by you, darling. All the work we had to do finding the pheromones I wore that fit her was already a great deed. I could never have come close enough to inject her with the nanobots from your lab. They transform her body into a human cat being and at the same time reduce her intelligence to the minimum necessary. Then the collar I developed, which still makes her forget more and more her humanity and strengthens her cat instincts. In all modesty, this was a masterpiece by us. "That's right, dearest! We are a perfect team! What was going on in its poor little head while all this was happening to it? I wonder even if it had started to think it was a cat before I drugged her?" " Well, I guess we may never know for sure. It should wear the collar until its new cat personality has manifested itself irreversibly! It must only act and think as a cat would? Our little animal will be programmed bit by bit like this. Once the collar can be removed, it should never find its way back to its former self. But we have to be sure about that," Otto said. Sandra paused for a moment and listened to the clanging noises coming from an adjoining room. Otto laughed. "I don't think any of us ever thought we'd be so successful. We haven't even thought about what we would do if it worked!" "Well," Sandra said, "I guess there are a few possibilities. Except for the food, a cat should be pretty cheap to keep or we sell it to a Russian oligarch or a stone-rich, crazy Japanese who are always up for something like this. The clanging noise suddenly stopped. Otto stood up and Sandra followed him. "We better go check it out, don't you think?" They went to their cat and laughed as they saw Mauzie desperately trying to find the ball she had hit under the closet. "What a stupid kitten!" Sandra exclaimed as she kneeled and reached under the cupboard and fetched the ball back. Otto grabbed Mauzie. Sandra got up and looked at the new pet satisfied. She grabbed Mauzie's chin and looked into its empty eyes. "There's no action in there. 'Fascinating', Spock would say!" She let go of Mauzie's head. Both had to laugh. "Come on, darling, let's go into the bedroom. I want you! But the cattle never come into my bedroom. I hate animals in bed! Promise me or it'll be sold! Okay?" Sandra demanded. "Let it take care of its toys alone, our night alone is ours," Otto said. Then they let their cat stay in the apartment, and with giggles disappeared into their bedroom. Otto had put some dry food and fresh water in the kitchen for Mauzie. Happily, it still ate something and then lay down on her pillow to intensively lick itself clean with her new, rough cat's tongue. Then she stretched out all fours and fell asleep happily.







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