First Exploration! (First Person Lion TF WG)

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I was an archaeologist. It had been my passion since I was a kid watching Indiana Jones from a small neighborhood in Pittsburgh. I had studied years to explore the world for treasure buried long ago. I got my job, and decided my first dig should be in Sub-Saharan Africa. 


The ride there was filled with anticipation and excitement. After driving several hours through jungle and dirt roads in a rented Jeep,  I set up camp near the foot of a massive plateau. I cautiously set a ladder up in the back of my Jeep to see over the tree line and got the first solid glimpse of the hulking orange-clay figure before me, covered with acacia trees like a sickly green icing on a play-doh cake before a baby blue backdrop. I then took off my glasses and put them in my chest pocket. Out of another pocket I pulled out a pair of binoculars, to which I peered into to see every detail the plateau had to offer; every ledge, valley and indent were on full display. My eyes scanned the plateau, noting every piece as if I was drawing a piece of art.


 I exclaimed, “Aha!” I noticed a cave with obviously unnatural details in the wall side, unusually illuminated as if the sun was shining in from another side. I climbed down the ladder and jumped off the side of the Jeep, crushing a few small ants and making a splash of sunset-colored dust. 


I reached inside the back seat for my equipment and prepared it. I began my small walk to the bottom of the plateau. Once I had gotten to the closest the trail went to the plateau, I unsheathed my shiny, sharp, powerful machete and began to cut through the conglomerate of flora that could poke, cut, and entangle almost any man. 


After a grueling amount of time and exercise, I reached a slope where most of the plants were not growing. My machete had been significantly worn down and covered in all sorts of sap and plant matter. I put it back in its place and pulled out the equipment I needed to begin my ascent. This cave seems to be  about 30 feet above me, and— I forgot my normal climbing equipment, so I started up, using my freestyle gear.


At last I had almost reached the cave! I was sweating everywhere and the insects were enjoying their meal, but I had made it. I put one hand, dusty and itchy from mosquitoes, onto the cave top. I laughed and took a large breath of relief. Carefully I took my other hand and put it on the cave entrance too. As I heaved the rest of myself over the ledge, I saw a monstrous red, black and yellow spider on my hand. I yelped and flung my hand off, along with the spider. I quickly caught myself and threw my hand back onto the ledge before I could fall. I climbed the last feet and got into the cave entrance. I took an exhausted breath and looked around. 


It still was light outside. That was good. Deep into the cave entrance was a golden light source that obviously was not the sun now. Along the walls are prehistoric drawings and  runes in clay not read or understood for millennia. Along the ground- which was unusually flat for a cave- had a few rocks here and there. Everything had either an eerie or magical shadow from the golden light compared to the natural light of the afternoon. 


I stepped deeper into the cave and lightly kicked over a rock. The rock bounced past me, its knocking echoing across the cave. I then heard a hissing sound as I looked to where the rock was. There was a square button underneath the rock. I heard the sound and quickly looked for a snake, but not one was in sight. Suddenly, from out of a hole in the wall to my right, a dart comes flying, burying itself right into my calf. “Ow!” I shout while jumping from being startled. I look to my right leg and quickly pick the dart off. It is a very crude dart, made from hardened clay and leather. I squeeze the leather part of the dart while pressing on the cut it made in my leg with my other hand. As I squeeze it, a yellowish clear gel comes out. It looks as if it is poison. I begin to panic as I sit down and scramble through my backpack for anti-venom. 


As I do so, my other hand begins to feel something strange. My index, middle, and thumb rub together something... furry? I stop looking through the backpack as I turn my head. A soft, yellowish fur has closed up the puncture wound I had from the dart. I feel the thick, short fur with my hand. It feels very soft, and it gives me a shiver as I feel my hand against it. It also looks like I have more muscle there now. I then notice the fur has started to slowly spread along my leg as I feel the area where it is going lightly tickle. I stand up and turn my head in shocked wonder. What is this? What is in that dart? Is this fur? I ask myself as I see my right leg turn yellow. The fur then starts to move down my foot. As it does, the bottom of my foot loses its sense of feeling for a second, causing me to lean against the cave wall with my back and look at my foot, holding it up to see the bottom. The sole of my foot began to harden and turn grey, along with the bottom of my toes, turning into pads. I blink at my foot (now completely covered with fur) in disbelief. These are lion paws. Is this dart turning me into a lion?I think, my body shivering as if in response.


 I then snap out of it. What am I thinking, I love lions! They’re my favorite! Why, my old high school mascot was one, and I enjoyed playing him in the costume for football games! I laugh in equal parts for the ironic situation and utter confusion. I look back at my foot. My toenails are now claws and my big toe has shrunk back behind my other toes. My left foot is now fully a lion paw now, except for the digitigrade stance, which should be happening right- oh!


I stumble as my foot pops into the proper stance for its anatomy. I stand and see my lion leg is longer than my human leg. Now the fur will spread to the rest of my body, I think. As if on command, the yellowish fur moves towards my torso.  The fur goes through my thigh, adding some muscle to it until it looks well-worked out. My beige shorts strain a little under the pressure, but don’t rip. As it passes my thigh, I brace for a tail and push my shorts down slightly, and I am not surprised. My spine tingles and soon a small, familiarly-colored tail grows out. It gracefully stretches out for a foot or more and stops with a tuft of brown fur. I move my new tail and swish it around. I feel it with my hands. It has the same fur as my leg. 


Speaking of my leg, the fur begins to make the same changes to my left leg as it did to my right. As it is changing, I run the fur between my fingers and feel everything as it happens, almost enjoying it.


When my left foot became a paw as well, my digitigrade stance complete, my hips then make a quiet groaning sound as they make themselves wider, giving my narrow structure more width. The fur then moved upwards again to my belly. I took off my beige buttoned shirt to see what is happening. My stomach, which is well-defined but not ripped, begins to ripple and move from the inside. Through the fur I can see what used to be my weak abs strengthen and become a muscular six-pack. I look at them in both attraction and being impressed. I feel the muscle with my hand and blush at how beautiful they are. My stomach then makes another churning noise, and my six-pack starts to fade into and behind new skin and fat. It slows to a halt as it spills a little over my shorts, leaving me with a fat but nonetheless attractive belly. 


The yellowish fur continues up to and past my chest, adding muscle and flesh to it until I am left with nice, squarish pectorals. When it is done with my chest and front, it goes over my back and shoulders. My shoulders make the same sound my hips did as they widened, and do the same action as well, giving me a beautiful, powerful, wide body. I look over my back and see the yellowish fur finishing my middle section, my tail swinging slowly involuntarily. Deep inside my chest, I hear another sound as my torso widens to fit my hips and shoulders while also becoming rounder and showing off the front lightly. I look around at most of my body and think: Wow, I look hot!


The fur stops at my neck, like it was waiting for my arms to transform. The fur then simultaneously marches down my arms. As it does so, it gives muscle to it like how it did to my legs. I look at my right arm and flex my bicep as it does so, seeing the muscle get bigger after the fur goes over it. The fur then consumes my forearms and my hands. I look at the palm side of my hands to see the changes. I watch the pads form and harden. My fingers then fatten and tuck themselves into my hand until they fit the size of the paw spot on. Strangely, my thumbs don’t shrink back until they are useless, but become part of the paw like all my other fingers. I give a “Huh” of no thought but wonder as I quickly shift my attention to my claws, which then come out not unlike the machete did on my shorts, which are still on me through this whole transformation. 


Now that my arms are done, I think, my head is next.On cue, the fur crawls up my neck. It makes my neck wider and changes something inside. After a strange, almost choking sensation in the back of my neck, I say “woah.” I then put a paw on my throat, realizing that who said that was me, and my voice had become a lot more deeper and rougher, yet sharper. My tongue also gains a lot of length and flops out of my mouth, to which I move it back in my mouth, fitting it in awkwardly. Next comes my jawline, which gains some fat and a bit of smoothness, but also makes a familiar groaning noise. My mouth area then tickles and starts softly vibrating as it moves forward just as much as is barely noticeable. By now the fur has reached my bottom lip and below my ears. As it covers my ears, I immediately lose my sense of hearing. I throw my paws to my ears to feel if they are still there, which they are. My numb ears are slowly moving upwards and are reforming themselves. Just then, the fur reaches my nose and cheeks. It fills my cheeks up with a little fat, just enough to give a soft look. My nose and mouth begin to groan and push forward, fitting the space for my new tongue. On each side of my growing muzzle are small, clear hairs, longer than the fur, sprouting out. I suddenly sense so much from these whiskers it makes me a little dizzy.


Once my muzzle is done, I feel it with my paws. It doesn’t feel normal, but feels right. I see the fur colored nose of mine soak all its fur in and morphing into a triangular, pink nose, perfect for my muzzle. With it comes so much new stimulus, I start to get a headache. 


My paws clutch my head, rubbing it like doing so would make my headache go away. By now my ears have moved to where they should be, and are turning rounder and slightly larger. I start to take in senses from my new lion ears, which only gives my headache more intensity. The fur has covered my entire body now, and has not done anything to my original hair. My eyes start to sting, so I close them. I sit down against the cave wall and put my paws on my eyes, breathing heavily and slowly from the pain. I open my eyes, which are now golden colored (unbeknownst to me) and get only a worse headache. I feel (through the headache) a wide stripe of fur on my belly, chest and front neck up to the bottom of my muzzle turn off-white. The hair on the back of my head starts to become longer, as well as new brown fur all along the back of my head and around my neck like a... mane. The wording sounded weird, I thought, but felt right. 


My headache throbs as I hit my head against the cave wall to try to stop it to no avail, but suddenly, like water trickling down a drain, new sensations begin to pour into my brain. I began to feel the headache going away as I felt primal, but essential, instincts set themselves in my mind. Things like how to hunt and kill, how to do things lions would do, all merging with my original intelligence like food coloring in water. I felt energy gathering up inside me as I took in a deep breath and let out the loudest, most refreshing lion roar from the bottom of my throat that let out every sense of unease or pain. As it happened, I gained new senses of hear and smell, of sight and touch. I could feel the warm clay floor beneath my feet, feel the light cool wind from outside, hear every raindrop and insect move, smell every delicious prey and every tasty fruit. I could see every tree and cloud and bird and rock and everything else. I felt invincible. I looked down the cave and saw everything in pure detail.


 I saw a large puddle nearby, so I walked to it. My paws made soft echoes through the cave, and I looked down at the puddle. In the reflection I saw an anthropomorphic lion, every detail of me showing through it. I saw my muscular legs, my thick tail, my beautiful body, my golden fur, my strong paws, my fluffy mane, my powerful muzzle, and my golden eyes. I looked beautiful.

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LaylaTF - 06.06.2019 um 12:03 Uhr

Very nice, I like this story :D

(If you want more people to see it, post the link to the 'Transformation' subreddit ;D I could post it too if you want, but that is up to you)

PolarBears - 07.06.2019

Thank you! This was actually my first attempt at a TF story I made during a road trip. I’ll post it to r/transformation.

PolarBears - 08.06.2019

Actually could you post it to r/Transformation and r/FurryTF? It won’t work when I do it.

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