A slightly different career

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Career break:

from Vulcan

Always this resentful colleague pack, you can't just give up to be far below my class. How many times do I have to show these idiots where the hammer hangs? So now that I've let off steam, I want to introduce myself: Birgit Janssen, 22 years old, unmarried, career-orientated investment and real estate broker. Currently, I work for Immowelt in Berlin on a commission basis. My monthly commission is between 80.000 € - 120.000 €. I have just chased my 'colleague' Meyer for a fat job, which probably led to a 'slight' annoyance with him. Never mind! The main thing is that the money's right. Maybe two more years, then I'll have my little mite in the dry. Then I am financially rehabilitated until the next Stone Age. But as it sometimes happens, life comes between you and your life planning goes over the Wupper in a flash. In my case, it was a 1.90 meter tall, hellishly good-looking man with very special abilities - as I was soon to find out - whom I was able to convince of my suggestions, to the chagrin of 'colleague' Meyer. Today we had dinner to celebrate the signing of our contract. We didn't dine somewhere, but in an exquisite hotel that was a little bit remote in a discreet distance to the capital and allowed us a carefree rendezvous. I pay the most embarrassing attention to how and what I do with my clients. It's very easy to see a capable businesswoman as a hooker. After a good meal and drink, we went slightly tipsy to our room. I was so excited to ride this stallion, already wet. I want to suck it dry to the last drop. He shall lick my feet with lust, submit himself completely to me, my little compliant slave, my little dog and then I shall throw him away like dirt. It should be the same, 'cause that's how I love it. "Kneel down, you filthy bitch!" he ordered and before I knew it, I obeyed him. "From now on you will do as you are commanded! Do we understand each other?" Perplexed, I just nodded, missing the words. "You may speak only when I ask you or when I allow you to. You will accept me as your owner, you will read every wish from my eyes and you will carry out every command without contradiction. You speak and think of yourself in the third person mainly as it. Repeat now, now!" "It is your possession, it obeys the word, it speaks only when it is allowed or asked. He must grant his Lord every wish and carry out every command immediately." "I'm completely powerless, he can do whatever he wants with me." It drove me through. "Get undressed! It is a slave's duty not to wear clothes! Shame on you!" he ordered. As fast as I could, I got rid of my clothes full of shame. Happily, I kneeled naked in front of my new owner. "You may lick my soles clean as a sign of submission." I fell on all fours and devotedly licked his shoe soles until they were clean. "You crawl until I order something else on all fours. Come, I'll show you your place." He went to the hall and pointed to the corner with the wardrobe where I was cowering. It was dark and cold here. While I was freezing, I listened to the sounds from the room. I could hear my master talking dull, he seemed to be on the phone. "Meyer, where are you? The dirty cunt is waiting for you!" I thought, "Oh, God! Don't let it be Meyer!" A few minutes later there was a knock at the door and so that my owner could open it, I had to squeeze myself deep into the corner. "Come in, Meyer, and make yourself comfortable." Without noticing me, my master opened the door even more until I cried out in pain. Meyer entered, pushing a large box of rollers in front of him. He forcibly pushed her into my corner without taking care of me. While I was being squeezed into my corner whimpering in pain, I thought: "What is happening to me? Why am I putting up with this treatment? I'm a top businesswoman. I'm a top businesswoman. Damn it, I'm a top... I'm it! My whole body began to tremble. I heard something literally breaking inside me. An icy cold flowed through my body, it was the realization of being completely at the mercy of the whims of the owner. And he just talked to Meyer, for me clearly audible through the door gap, which was open as if by chance: "Let's have a drink first before we devote ourselves to the piece of dirt. The cunt actually believed she could take advantage of me and I would have my old friend unbooted by her," my master said. "How the hell did you do that? The bitch always gets what it wants," Meyer asked. "I don't want to go into that any further, as you can see it's now an obedient cattle. So enjoy it!" "You bet! With great joy! I've waited a long time for this day!" "Well, let's get down to the fucking business, shall we? "Come on in here, bitch!" Immediately I crawled as fast as I could to my owner. "Face in the dirt, ass up and legs wide so you can always see your dirty cunt!" I did as I was told. "I don't believe this! How do you do it? It's a dream to see that piece of shit crawling to the ground." Meyer was fascinated. "Oh, your dreams about your "colleague" are far from over." laughed my owner. "Listen carefully, motherfucker! You may open the trousers of your 'colleague' Meyer with your dirty mouth and blow him with absolute devotion." Never have I ever had a dirty man's cock in my mouth... uh, mouth. "My God! My master calls it mouth and I forget the right name. I have a mouth now!" I thought with desperation. And so I opened my pants with my teeth, pushed my head as deep as I could into his privates to blow him one. "And how's it going? It often helps to hit the ass hard. That motivates the sluts to perform." Meyer struck with all his might until I lost my breath. I lifted my head slightly to catch my breath as Meyer grabbed my hair and rammed his tail into my mouth as far as it would go. "Did I let you quit, you fucking piece of shit!" With all my might I suppressed the gag reflex and pushed my mu... my mouth deep into his privates. "You will swallow my sperm down to the last drop" ordered Meyer and now hit me on the ass with his belt to confirm his words. My ass burned like fire, the pain became unbearable and yet I rammed my head again and again over his penis. Finally, his sperm poured down my throat and I swallowed everything down as good as I could. It tasted fantastic, I had never drunk such a delicacy before and I licked Meyer's cock like crazy so that no droplet was lost. "If it behaves like a good little animal, perhaps it may drink my seed," my lord said and I beamed with happiness. Tired of me, Meyer kicked me through half the room and shouted, "What's wrong with that filthy cunt? Instead of sinking into the earth with shame, she still enjoys it!" "Take it easy, Meyer, the night's still young. A lot can still happen" and the Lord looked at me threateningly. "We'll make ourselves comfortable and condition this piece of shit a little bit. The cattle need a name! Any idea?" "Why? Isn't cunt enough?" "Yes, it's okay for us, but in public it needs a clear name. Like, "puke bag, garbage chute or gully." "How about three holes?" "Meyer, that fits! Come on, bitch! What's your name?" Now I lost my name, too. And I was too slow for my master. He slapped my breasts with his belt. I tried to resist with my last strength. "I'm Birg... I'm Bi... Bi... My name is Dreiloch!" it shouted out of me in tears. And he hit my breasts again. "What's it called, three-hole?" It hammered in my head: "IT. You're it!" And I said in tears, "It's called a three-hole by its owner." "There you go, there you go. And now we want to work our way up from the bottom. Dreiloch has no hands and feet, but paws. What's the matter with Dreiloch?" "Three holes got paws, sir." He fetched a stick and said: "You repeat every new name and forget the ones that apply to us human beings! He pointed to my legs and called them hind legs. I answered, "Three-hole has hind legs, sir." Then he pointed to my sex and I now had only one cunt. My breasts turned into tits, my arms into forelegs, my mouth into the mouth and my face into a face. There was a knock and my master opened. A muscular, four-brittle man came in. "Three-hole, man's got to get to your cunt and tits, show him everything!" Red with shame, I crawled to the stranger and showed myself to him. "Yeah, that looks pretty good!" He put a cloth in my mouth and I passed out. A sudden pain went through me. My cunt, my nose, and my tits burned like fire. Dazed I attacked my cunt, I had been ringed. He had done the same thing with my tits and my nose. They sat in their armchairs and I lay at their feet, still completely dazed by this terrible pain. "Dreiloch, come here I want to see your piercings." I obediently offered him my new jewellery. Roughly he fingered me, so painfully that tears ran down my face. Then I had to open my mouth and stretch out my tongue wide and lay it on the table. He hit a nail with a hammer through the tip of my tongue and fixed it in this way. Rivets were attached to both sides of my tongue with rivet pliers. Then he pulled the nail and into the hole came a short chain with a heavy, small penis and so I could not close the mouth anymore. I was supposed to walk back and forth on all fours, it was fucking painful. There was a knock and my master let a man with a tattoo kick in. "Great, we missed the tattoo artist!" "Oh, God! Not even tattoos! What will become of me?" I thought. He built up his tools and I had to kneel down in front of him. He took a pencil and painted my snout. Without a face I will never be able to be a human being among humans again, I would have thought if I knew what a face or a human being is. I got a dog face and he pulled my moustache plastic hair through my upper lip, in the end, I got a dog collar with a leash. My Lord and the Meyer looked at me with satisfaction. "Go on, go on!" said my owner. "Woof" I made. Then I was taken by Meyer from behind while I blew one in front of my master. Then they sent me back to my corner in the hallway. From the room came sounds that sounded like roughening up. With a sack in his hand, my master and the Meyer left the room. I finally fell asleep completely exhausted. Until the next morning, I huddled in my corner until I was woken up by the staff. The frightened cleaner left everything standing and fetched a superior. "Good morning Mrs Janssen, can we be of any assistance?" asked a hotel employee. When I wanted to answer, I barked briefly. Confused by my appearance and my remarks, the employee took his mobile phone to inform his boss. After a long conversation, he went to me shaking his head and said: "Unfortunately I was not informed about your wishes, please excuse me. I will treat you like a puppy from now on, as instructed by you." He took my leash and led me to the big box Meyer had brought with him. He opened a flap and pushed me in. I had to make myself small to fit in. Behind me, the hatch was locked again. I could only whimper like a little dog. At the top, there were some small air holes through which a little light shone, and at some point, I was rolled away in the box. I couldn't see where I was being taken and I had another problem now. My bladder was bursting and by shaking during transport, I was now kneeling in my own piss. I heard street noise and noticed the box being lifted into a truck. A small flap was opened and an animal drinker "Fie the devil, the cattle stink! Just close the flap quickly." Then the transporter started moving, wherever it went. It got hot and stuffy in my domicile and at some point I fell into a dull sleep-like state, I don't know how long, then the feed flap was quickly opened, my potions filled up and a bowl of dry food put in, with the usual comment about my scent, which I had refined with fresh excrement. I lost all sense of time. My world had shrunk to the rumble of the transporter and the feedings. At some point, even the 'most beautiful' journey ends. My crate was unloaded and rolled away. The hatch was opened and I crawled out. For the first time in eternity, I could stretch out my arms and legs to taste the whip immediately. Then a hard jet of water poured over me. I was repeatedly soaped with a scrubbing brush and rinsed off again until I was clean. Then I was smeared with cream all over my body and soon I thought I was going to burn. Then I was rinsed off repeatedly and I saw my hair disappear into the gully. Naked, bald, overtired, freezing and hungry I was led into a shed covered with straw and chained up. There was a bowl of boiled vegetables that I threw myself at to get immediate punches on my arms. Until I understood not to eat with my hands. I ate like an animal with my muzzle in my bowl until I was full. On the wall hung, as usual, an animal drinker, on which I quenched my thirst. Exhausted, I fell into a dreamless sleep. When I woke up, I had to empty myself. I tried to crawl back as far as my chain would allow. Right under my ass was a gutter where I happily emptied myself. My bowl was filled with fresh food that I ate gratefully and animal-appropriate. A little later I was chained off and brought to a laboratory on a leash. There I had to climb onto an operating table and was strapped in. They gave me an injection and I lost my senses. I was awakened by something damp that was tampering with my cunt. Still half stunned I opened my eyes and saw that I was in a kind of dog kennel with other dogs. I stood on all fours, as I was used to. But that was a mistake, because my Fotzenlecker jumped me, even before I knew how to me happens. And so I was taught the pleasures of dog life. Fotzenlecker was a huge Labrador and extremely potent and possessive. After each feeding, he climbed me, and then I fell asleep between his runs. So it was now day after day: eat, fuck and sleep, only interrupted by the laboratory visits. I forgot my old life, became more and more an animal. I greeted my guards with a loud bark like all dogs when there was food. More and more my sense of smell and hearing intensified, while I could see worse and worse. Also, the four-legged running was always easier for me and when I was happy. I wiggled with the ass on which from me not consciously perceived a hairy tail grew and on my whole body grew a stoppages fur. Soon I should be a beautiful Labrador bitch and to the joy of my owners, I should give a good breeding animal, with which one could breed completely new race characteristics into the line.

A career, too! end

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