The Switcher - Part 1

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I'm 17 years old, my name is Markus and I'm a bit of a weird guy. You'll probably ask what I mean by that. Well ... I am a boy, but somehow in some parts like a girl. For example, I had more girls as friends than boys. But I don't think any of them were into me. I wasn't the ugliest one, but not the most beautiful too. Also, I wasn't strongly interested in girls in a sexual way, which is why I (and some others certainly too) asked myself if I'm gay, but I didn't find boys particularly attractive either. And those were just a few examples. I did not know what was going on with me until the night of my 18th birthday ...

It was just before midnight, the day I turned 18. To be exact, it was 11:44 pm. I lay awake in bed because I could not fall asleep, after all, I had my 18th birthday tomorrow. Suddenly my window opened. I was startled and left the bed. The moment I walked to the window and tried to close it again, a white light came in. I had to shut my eyes first, but after a short while, I got used to the light.
Someone spoke from the direction of the light. I was surprised that light could speak, but the closer I looked, the more I could see a girl in the light. As far as I could tell she was around 18 to 19 years old and wore completely white clothes. It was difficult to grasp exactly as the light was still blinding.
"Who are you?"
"I am Luxis, goddess of light and magic, I am here to give you your true self"
Her voice was nice and reassuring.
"My true self?"
"You are something special, Markus. There are only a few people who have such a gift as you." To be exact, only two at the moment. "You and a girl near Hamburg"
"I'm not coming with you, what gift are you talking about?"
"You're a switcher, which means that you can turn yourself into a girl as well as a boy, but this ability does not develop until you're 18. You're kind of an unfamiliar gender, but you have certainly already noticed that."
Yes, I had noticed that, but the idea that I could have the power to change my sex change did not come to me yet. I mean, seriously, nobody would think about that.
"You will get your two figures in a row, at exactly 0 o'clock you will get your new figure as a boy, and at exactly 0 o'clock the next night you will turn into a girl, and from there you will have the opportunity to turn into both sexes. If you need me, just call my name! "
And with a "Woosh" Luxis had disappeared through the window again. I was not sure if I had imagined that all. Until at once a feeling spread in me. It was a feeling of happiness. It felt like you saw a person you fell in love with, but much stronger. Then I felt myself growing. Not much, only 3 or 4 cm, but you could see it clearly. I felt the muscles in my legs grow a little, then I felt something on my upper body. I pulled up my T-shirt a little and saw how I lost some of my fat, forming a very muscular male upper body. Even a light six-pack was on display. I felt a small sting in my upper arms and I saw how my muscles got bigger there as well. My face felt like it was water. I looked in the mirror and could see how my face changed and became a very handsome boy. I also saw in the mirror that my hair was changing, getting a nice hairstyle and no longer being greasy as usual. Then I noticed small changes in my mind. I suddenly had a sexual affinity for girls. I remembered a picture of a girl in my class. Only now did I realize how sexy she was. I felt better all of a sudden. I now knew who I was: I was Mark, 18 years old and a switcher who was just in the body of an attractive boy! After inspecting my body again, I went to bed and fell asleep.

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The day of my birthday was awesome, I woke up and noticed that what happened to me last night was not a dream. Then I put on my clothes, noticing that some of them had changed. In the afternoon my friends came to celebrate with me. As I already said, I had mostly female friends and like in the previous night, I realized now how their looks attracted me. It was hard to remove the looks from them. It was not until the evening that I realized that nobody had said anything about my changes. Apparently not only did I change, but the memories of all the others who had something to do with me.

The clock showed 23:50. How slowly could time pass? I had set an alarm clock at half-past twelve, so I did not miss my second transformation, but I was so curious that I had not fallen asleep this evening, because I had to think about it all the time. Would I really transform? How would I look like and would I like being a girl at all? I wore only boxer-shorts because I wanted to see the transformation as good as possible. Then the time came. Again I felt this strong feeling of happiness. Immediately I sat down at the edge of my bed. The first thing that happened was that all my body hair fell out of my body. The little hairs never reached the ground but dissolved in the air before. Then I became smaller again by about 10 cm. My muscles, which I only had last night, now shrank again, but I did not get as shapeless as I was 2 days ago. But my body got very beautiful female forms: My arms became thinner, my waist and my legs got a nice shape. Then I felt like my butt filled up and got a nice shape. I got up and pulled down my boxer shorts to look at it in the mirror and since I was still a boy mentally, I immediately got hard. But the transformation apparently noticed the mistake and corrected it immediately. My penis and testicles became smaller and pulled into my body. The only thing left was a slot. This expanded, and it was not long before I had a vagina. But I did not have enough time to explore it because I felt something in my chest. I pulled up my boxer shorts again. The feeling in my chest grew stronger and I saw it growing and forming two beautiful B-Cup breasts. I touched them, and it just felt good. But even now I didn't have much time because my face felt like water again. As I looked in the mirror, I saw how it changed and became a very beautiful girl. But it was not until my hair got a new color. Something between dark blond and light brown. And it began to grow until it reached my chest. With that my physical changes were complete and a sweet girl smiled at me from the mirror. But that was not the end of the changes. The top fabric strip of my boxer shorts came off and wandered up my body until it reached my new breasts. There it enlarged, turned blue-white-pink striped, and formed itself into a strapless bra. My boxer shorts also turned white and started to lose weight. They were getting smaller and skin-tight until they were panties. When I saw myself in the mirror, I had to say that I looked really good. Then my mind changed again. I felt like I want to meet my friends and go shopping with them! Also, I did not think about the girl from my class and how good she looked, but about Marius, a boy from the parallel class. My heart started to beat as I thought about how cute he was.

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I also suddenly knew how to change my shape. I just had to close my eyes and think about the opposite sex and I would change. But when I looked down at me like this, with my left hand running over my chest while fingers go right to my right bottom, I realized that it would take a while before I would change back ...

To be continued...

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