For ever together

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Emma. All I could think about was Emma. She was the nicest, cutest, and simply most perfect girl I've ever met. She was the same age as me and studied the same subject. I just liked everything about her. Yes, maybe I had a little crush on her. But I had no chance. I did not play in her league and I was not even sure if she ever noticed me. I rarely shared a few words with her.

One day, the maths lecture was just over, we happened to run out of the lecture hall at the same time. She seemed to be looking at her phone and was running straight against me. Immediately she apologized several times smiling and then went on again. Unfortunately, I could not bring out more than a "no problem" before she disappeared back into the crowd. When I arrived at home in the afternoon and pulled my apartment key out of my pocket, a little note fell on the ground. I bent down to pick it up. I unfolded it and read:

"Meet me at 6 pm this evening at my home. Lessingstreet 42. ♥ Emma "

My heart was throbbing. Could that really be? Did Emma put this slip of paper on me today? Then, doubts came to my mind. Was it really meant for me? Or maybe she wanted to play a trick on me? I looked at my watch, it was 5 o'clock. What if it was really true? I could not miss that opportunity. I could still make it to her. I quarreled briefly, then I went, grabbed my bike and drove to her.

I was standing in front of her house, my finger over the bell-button and was not sure if I wanted to press it. At that moment the door opened and Emma stood in front of me. She smiled at me "Hey Ben, I'm glad you found the note" She looks at me smiling. "Come in". A small stone fell from my heart that she really meant me and that it, at least so far, not look like a prank. Still, my heart was pounding harder than ever. I could not utter a word, I just nodded smiling as I entered her house.

She still lived with her parents, but she seemed to be home alone. "Come up to my room. I would like to discuss something with you" she said and hopped up the stairs. I followed her and then we stood in her room. What should happen now? I was curious, but also a bit skeptical and confused about what that all meant. Emma motioned for me to sit on her swivel chair as she sat down on the edge of the bed. "Sooo. I would like to talk to you about something." She started "I noticed how you always look at me. You like me, can that be? "She grinned at me, I just looked back in shock and didn't know what to answer.

I was not sure if she felt that this was bad or good and if I should admit that I was in love with her. She laughed warmly. "Your look says it all, you do not have to try to hide it. I have no problem with it." But then her smile became a bit weaker "But unfortunately I have to tell you that I can not give back that love." In me, a world collapsed. Did she really say that? Why had she ever ordered me here to her? And that little heart in the message, what was that supposed to mean? Then she said: "But I realized what a nice, honest and great person you are. I would love to be able to reciprocate the feelings, but somehow... I don't know. It simply doesn't work."

A few tears welled up in my eyes, I tried to make an effort that she did not notice. Of course, she immediately saw it and smiled at me sadly. "But I have a little surprise for you. A way how we can still be together forever. But you have to trust me blindly. There's no turning back, but I'm not allowed to tell you what it's all about before. "

I considered. What did she mean by that? And why could not she tell me first? I looked at her. She was so beautiful. No matter what she said earlier, I just loved her over everything. I did not know exactly what she meant, but the thought of being with her forever was like a dream. Something in me was still skeptical, but my love for her surpassed that. Slowly, I nodded, "Yes, I trust you." I said, smiling. Her smile widened and she jumped up from the bed.

She took a few steps toward me and put her hands on my shoulders. Then she closed her eyes and said something in a language that sounded like Latin. But I had never really learned that language at school back then, even though I actually had it as a subject for several years. "His verbis meis cum eo fascia" she said. I looked at her a little confused. She removed her hands from my shoulders and took a step back. "Please do not be scared," she said. Now I was even more confused. What should I be scared of?

I just wanted to ask her, then I realized that I was somehow cold and my shoulders, in the places where she had touched me,  felt somehow funny. I looked down at myself. The first thing I noticed in shock was that I was completely naked. All my clothes were gone. I quickly covered my crouch with my hands. I noticed my shoulders in the corner of my eye. Wait ... Why are my shoulders black? With my right hand, I grabbed my left shoulder. It felt weird. Not like skin. More like... like cloth! Shocked, I looked at Emma. She just looked at me with an apologetic smile. "What have you done? What happens to me?" "You'll know soon. Trust me, you will like it! "

I watched as the black area spread from my shoulders over my entire body. Within seconds, the skin of my entire body was made out of cloth. I ran my hand over my arms. Although my hands were completely made of black cloth, I could still feel just how soft my arm felt. Or should I say how soft the fabric that made up my skin felt? Then I shouted for a moment. My fingers seemed to withdraw into my hand. I panicked and looked down at myself. Even my toes merged with my feet, which in turn merged with my legs. "Ahh! Help, what the hell? "I screamed, but it did not stop. Fortunately, I was sitting in a chair, otherwise, I would have fallen over now, since my legs were already gone up to my knees. More and more of my body disappeared. I looked at my arms and realized that I hardly had any. When I looked down again. I was startled, the seat of the chair had suddenly come closer. Or rather, my body had disappeared to just below the chest. Then I felt my head feel weird. I felt him fading into my chest. I cried for help one last time, then saw, felt and heard nothing for a short time.

When I got my consciousness back, I felt weird. My body felt very different. I tried to move, but that didn't work. In front of me, I only saw the ceiling of Emma's room. Then I saw Emma walking in front of me and looking down at me from above. She grabbed me and picked me up. "You've become beautiful," she said with a smile. What did that mean? What happened? Why did I feel so weird, so light? I felt another feeling that I have never had before. A feeling of emptiness. I could not describe it, but something was missing in me. I was turned around and could now look in the mirror.

At first, I was a little confused. In the mirror, I could only see Emma holding a bra in front of her. When I realized that I was at the level of the bra, I realised what was going on. I was the bra! Emma had turned me into a piece of clothing. But how was that possible? Emma took me out of her room, into the bathroom. Once there, she hung me over the sink and began to undress. I could watch her and if I still had a penis, you could see my excitement now clearly. There she stood before me. My absolute crush, completely naked with only one slip on. I'd seen her in the pool before, but I had not seen her body that close yet. She was just perfect. And her breasts were the perfect size and shape. But when I looked at them, a strange feeling came to my mind. It was not just the excitement, it was something else as well. I wanted to feel her breasts. I wanted her to put me on and to not feel so empty anymore.

As if she had heard me, she picked me up and put me on. As she closed my lock, I just felt perfect. It was like hugging her tightly but gently. Every fiber of my fabric felt her smooth, pure skin, and her breasts filled my cups perfectly, with no air in between. I could feel her nipples gently squeezing my fabric. It was just an incomparable feeling. "Soo, how are you feeling?", Emma asked. "Super good, a little unusual but just super good!" I thought, even though I had no mouth to speak. "I'm glad about that!" She said with a smile. "Wait? Can you hear me? "I asked puzzled. "Yes, as long as I carry you I can hear your thoughts." I was very glad that she could hear me. Then I was not quite so encapsulated and alone. Although ... Could I really say that I was so alone? As confirmation, Emma grabbed her breast and touched my stuff from the outside. I liked her touch. To feel her breasts from one side and her hand, lightly stroking and massaging, was incredible. She giggled. "Did you just groaned in mind?" "Errr... sorry, I'm sorry ..." She giggled again "No need to apologize" She also took her other hand and began to massage her other breast. "Do you like that?" "Yes, that feels wonderful." Emma smiled.

Then she went back to her room, lay down on her bed and began to massage me further. She was right. I liked beeing her bra and I'm looking forward to staying like this for a long time.

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