The ghost of my sister

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I, Marius was 16 years old. 1.79 tall, not exactly athletic but not fat either. I didn't get bullied at school, but somehow I was not really part of it either. I always wished to be part of the community, but I never was. Until one day, I laid in my room and read a book, a voice let me raise up:


I was scared. It was a young female voice and it seemed to come from everywhere. Somehow I knew that voice ...

"W-Who are you? A-And-where are you?"

I asked anxiously.

"I am your sister Ayla"

"But that's impossible, my sister died in a car accident 5 years ago!"

"Yes, that's right, but I came back as a ghost. Maybe you remember, I died exactly today, 5 years ago. You were not the most popular even then, even though you could not help it and I was one of the most popular girls in the school. This was also the only reason why we sometimes quarreled. And then, after dying, I came into a strange room with many other dead people and every dead one was fulfilled one last wish. Mine was that you if you were exactly the same age as I the time I died, you get my body and my memories so you become one of the most popular people on the school."

"Does that mean I'm turning into you now?"

I thought this was crazy and scary on the one hand, but exciting on the other, and I became curious.

"Yeah, that's what it means, just about the time I died, in exactly 15 seconds. Unless you say you don't want it!"

"Yes, I want!"

I didn't found my current life very exciting, I had nothing to lose and somehow I liked the idea of turning into my sister. And then it started. It was a slight tingling all over but it was not uncomfortable, it even was a pretty nice feeling. My whole body shrank by about 5-10 cm. Then the tingling in my legs and feet became stronger. I looked down and saw how my leg hair disappeared and left a nice smooth skin. My feet got smaller and my legs got more feminine forms. Then the tingling continued upwards and I felt that penis shrank and my testicles were drawn into my body. I briefly opened my pants and saw how the final touches were made and my new vagina formed. I closed the pants again and realized that my butt spread and got a nice shape. The tingling continued to rise and deformed my waist and stomach into beautiful female forms, and I noticed how internally my organs restructured a bit. Now I realized how my chest expanded and formed two beautiful breasts. If I knew more about cup size, I would say it was a small C size. I was about to touch them as the tingling sensation went into my arms and hands and they got more feminine shapes. Then it went into my throat and I noticed how my Adam's apple shrank and my vocal cords changed. I said "Hello" to the test and heard that my voice suddenly sounded completely different. Just like the voice out of nowhere, just like my sister's. But I did not have much time to think about it because the tingling had reached my head. I looked in the mirror at my closet to see the changes. First, my entire facial shape changed its shapes, then single features. My nose became slightly smaller, my lips a little bit fuller. Last but not least, my hair changed color from black to dark brown and grew until it nearly went to my waist.

I looked at myself in the mirror and saw a perfect copy of my sister. The only thing that looked a little crazy on my body was the clothes that were still the old ones. And as if I had pressed a button my clothes began to change. First, my sneakers changed. The brine lost its notches, became simpler and turned white, the rest of the shoe went black, got more clinging to my foot and went a little bit up on my leg, the laces got white. A little bit they deformed further and then I wore black and white Converse sneakers. I felt like my underpants deformed and became panties. Then the fabric of my pants changed to jeans became narrower and smaller until I had hot pants on. Then I felt the lower half of my undershirt disappear and the upper half deformed to form a bra that showed off my breasts very well, but I liked that. My T-shirt turned completely white and showed a slight neckline and my sweater opened in front and became a white jacket. With that, the external changes were done! I looked in the mirror at myself and my beautiful and perfect body and examined me from all sides.

"So you're outwardly now completely me. But you're still a boy inside, that's about to change now. Don't worry, you'll turn into a girl and become me, with all my memories and knowledge, but you'll still be you yourself and remember your previous life. Are you ready? "

"Yes, I am ready"

That sounded a bit strange because I had exactly the same voice as the spirit of my sister. Then I heard a kind of "Wooshhh" and I noticed how my thoughts changed. I suddenly imagined a girl, a very beautiful girl, just like I would imagine my dream girl. But as soon as I caught the image of this girl, it changed and became a boy with a sexy muscular body and sweet face. Then my interests changed. Suddenly I did not feel like putting myself on the PC to game a bit, I wanted to make myself beautiful and meet up with friends. I saw the whole life of my sister. Even though? No, I did not have a sister anymore. This sister was now me. I looked at myself in the mirror again and waited if something else happened and it did too, my whole room changed and became a room that more suited to a 15-year-olds. I opened the wardrobe and saw that all the clothes had changed. Then I wondered what the other people think now when suddenly Ayla lives again and Marius is gone. But at the same time, I knew that the memories from all the people I had something to do with had changed. I was very glad. I was no longer the outsider, but one of the most popular and beautiful girls in my school. Then I looked down at myself, at my perfect curves and my not too big but not too small breasts. I closed the door to my room, laid down in my bed and examined my new body ...


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