The Beautiful Elf - Introduction

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- The Beautiful Elf -
- Introduction -

Once upon a time, there lived a young elf boy with unparalleled beauty.
This young elf boy was so beautiful that he was often mistaken as a young elf girl.
The young elf boy was influenced by these comments, and he acted quite female for a boy.
This of course has lead to the scenario, where most of the male elves made fun of his actions.
One day, the young elf boy wished to become a full-fledged female elf, so that the bullying may stop.
He looked upon the stars and presented his wish to the almighty lights in the far distant untouchable skies.

But there was one thing, that the innocent young elf boy forgot, and that was the power of a wish and its consequences.

And thus it happend: The young elf boy woke up one day to witness, that his 'partner-in-crime' dissappeared.
The now young elf girl was so happy about these changes, that she went swiftly to her friends and family.
Yet, the reactions she received were surprising her more then she was expecting them to be.
Her family and friends: Shocked by the changes of their 'former' son and male friend.
The lovely elven girls of the village: Anger and Jealousy by her unmatched beauty.
The bully elven boys of the village: Mesmerized by her untouched beauty.

- Beauty has a very high price to pay -
- And so does a wish -


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