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Alex had a problem. For a long time, he had the feeling that his girlfriend Lara distanced herself from him more and more. One day, he came back from work a bit earlier, he opened the door to their shared apartment and heard a moan from the bedroom. For a moment he thought that his girlfriend would cheat on him, but he quickly moved that aside. She would not do something like that. He crept quietly in the direction of the bedroom and peered through the door gap. It took a load off his mind. There was no other man in the room, just his girlfriend, lying in bed with her pants pulled down and a laptop, while she masturbates. "Caught!" he said with a laugh and opened the door. Lara took her hand out of her panties and pulled her pants up while she hastily closed the laptop with the other hand. At the last moment, Alex could saw that lesbian porn was playing on the laptop.

His face changed suddenly and he became serious. Lara knew that he had found out her secret and tears came to her eyes. "So that's why you don't want to sleep with me anymore?" Alex didn‘t know what to think. This hits him so hard that he just turned around and left the room. "Wait!" Lara shouted after him and hastily gets out of bed to hold him by the shoulders. Alex turned around and desperately asked, "Why did not you tell me that?". "I didn‘t know how to tell you that ... I like you very much it's just ..." she burst into tears. "It's just that I have a penis", Alex said bitterly and started to turn around. "Stop, wait!", Lara said, "There might be a way we can stay together anyway." "How is that supposed to be possible?" "Just trust me, but you have to be sure if you really would do anything to stay with me." Alex was a little surprised, but he nodded. "Okay," Lara said with a smile under her tears.

She took Alex's hand, went with him to the sofa and motioned for him to sit down. Then she leaned over and gave him a kiss. Alex had never felt like this before. That was clearly not a normal kiss. His lips spread energy throughout his body that felt incredibly good. Lara had stopped kissing him and he was looking down at himself "Holy shit, what was that?" Lara chuckled. Then Alex noticed something. He began to shrink a little, his hair turned dark brown and became much longer until it reached his chest, while his other body hair disappeared without a trace. His body shapes became more feminine, his face became that of a beautiful girl, two round breasts grew on his chest and his butt became fuller. Finally, his penis pulled itself back into his body and formed a vagina. His boxer shorts became white panties and his jeans transformed into gray yoga pants while his or better her, new breasts became a bra and his t-shirt became a bright orange top.

"Wtf, what did you do to me?" Alex said, covering his mouth with her hand as she heard that her voice was now higher and had a beautiful female sound." I asked you before if you would really do anything to stay with me." Lara chuckled "Don‘t worry, you'll love it" with these words she motioned me to sit down differently and started massaging my ass and new vagina.

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