New Haircolor

Written by LaylaTF | Published at the 21.12.2018 | MtF | 1 3983

Tags: Mini-Story Blonde Sexy Bed


Kai just wanted to dye his hair, but when he washed his hair with the dye his body began to change. he got smaller, his body got feminine shapes, tow breasts grew on his chest and his face changed into that of a gorgeous woman. First, he was shocked as he looked at himself in the mirror, but the longer he looked the more he started to like his new body. Over time, his/her new hormones got more and more noticeable. No week passed, and she fell in love with a boy from her class. After school, she laid in her bad and could not think of anything else. She had no clue, what that dye exactly was and why it transformed her, but she doesn't care about that anymore. She loves her new life.

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1 3984


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