MtF - Male to Female

Transformation from Man to Woman.

FtM - Female to Male

Transformation from Woman to Man.

Animal - Animal Transformation

Transformation into an Animal.

Mythical - Mythical Creatures

Transformation into a Mythical Creature. For example: A Dragon.

Hybrid - Half-Human

Transformation into a creature that is half human and half something else. For example: A catgirl.

AR - Age Regression

Transformation where someone gets younger.

AP - Age Progression

Transformation where someone gets older.


Two persons swap bodies or one person takes control over the body of someone else.

MC - Mind Change

The memories, personality and/or the behaviour of a person gets altered.

Inanimate - Object Transformation

Transformation into an object. For example clothing.

BM - Body Modification

Transformation where the body of someone gets altered but doesn't get animal-like features or switches sex. For example: Increasing the size of the breasts.


All types of transformations that are not named above.

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